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New year new you

Make this the year of change

Do you really want another year of dealing with those horrible, anxious feelings when you have to face the task to clear out your wardrobe, knowing what to wear and how to put it together. Do you feel sick inside looking at clothes online and in the high street trying to choose that amazing outfit?

To have the confidence to be able to do this, is hard. We all want and need to project ourselves in a positive way for people to take us seriously, to like and trust us.  Don’t let excuses get in the way with waiting to lose that stone or, not having the time or money to start this exciting venture.

Below are some offers to help you begin your new journey..


COLOUR ANALYSIS – mini £55   save £10   full £120 save £10
STYLE CONSULTATION – £140    save £30
PERSONAL SHOPPING – £190     save £40
without theory – £300                 save £50

COLOUR & STYLE – £250 save £50

A – COLOUR, STYLE, mini WARDROBE – £345   save £55
B – COLOUR, STYLE, WARDROBE – £430             save £60
C – COLOUR, STYLE, SHOPPING – £470               save £60

COLOUR, STYLE, WARDROBE x2, SHOPPING – £1100     save £100

COLOUR or STYLE – £10 off per person

requested from clients
If you have seen me, and would like a refresh on colour & style, this is a great way of revamping the theory, that can be individual to you.

2 hours via SKYPE or home/studio visit – from £130 save £20

Note: all bookings need to be booked by the end of January

If you would like to learn more, contact me https://maggigreen.co.uk/contact-me/

New Year brings positive change … celebrate your unique self

Being happy within yourself leads to inner peace, acceptance and joy. So many of us have negative self-image issues, manifested in everything from weight issues to feeling stagnant to abusive relationships to identity crisis based on gender, sexuality (and more).

We are all unique in our own way. It’s all about being brave and facing our issues, however difficult they are, and having the confidence to seek guidance and knowledge to move ourselves forward in a positive way.












Susan’s story…

Susan was stuck in a rut for many years; a common trend for so many women. The hair, make-up and clothes style/colours never changed, thinking it was ok, not knowing any different! Susan felt she was disappearing into the background; she was overweight and not happy with herself or her body.

The results are amazing! Make a resolution to feel good about yourself and fall in love with your body. This empowers you from within, and you’ll create goals with your heart. You will be more enthusiastic and focused to achieve. Susan lost two stone.

This is what Susan said …

I am transformed….. lost weight & feel great.  Maggi, you are amazing!


Hourglass body shape

hourglass shape

Crista’s story …. age 51, colouring summer, height 5ft 6inches size 12, short legs, short waist and balanced shoulders.

Crista is giving you an example of her hourglass body shape.  Look how she has curved bones at the top and bottom of her body.  The aim here is to follow the lines of the body wearing fabrics that have stretch in them.

Below we see Crista around seven years ago before she saw me.  Here we see Crista in a beautiful khaki cardigan that is excellent quality, standard jeans and brown angular boots.



Crista was not confident with herself or her body and used to wear beautiful clothes however, the clothes did not show off her gorgeous hourglass body shape and were not flattering her skin tone and made the hip area larger with the style of the jumpers chosen and the pockets.

The jeans could be more modern and fitted and the boots would look better if they were a rounder shape complementing her hourglass shape and a softer shade to go with her colouring.

Crista now … 

Crista afterGorgeous!! Now we can see her fabulous hourglass shape.  Crista is wearing a stunning berry colour to complement her cool, soft colouring.  Notice where the cardigan finishes – on the hip which disguises her short waist and elongates her short legs, but also shows off her great shape.

The jeans are fitted with stretch and are more up to date.  The ankle boots are a soft grey that elongates her height and slims down the hips.

Crista looks happy, confident and up to date.  To finish off the hair – a beautiful mid soft colour and a bob is a classic that works with Crista’s face shape and soft round features.  The make up is natural wearing soft pinks and greys to go with her cool, summer colouring.

What a difference!  Crista looks beautiful!

This is what Crista said about me: 

Maggi is a wonderful role model for women. For a number of years she has been my main inspiration for hair, make-up, colour analysis and style.

Although I had an idea how to dress, Maggi gave me the confidence and knowledge to wear clothes that actually make me look slimmer, more stylish and suited to my natural colour and shape.      

Crista Bramley, teacher, jewellery designer       Beer, Devon




Straight Body Shape

maggi straight before

Here I am giving you an example of a Straight Body Shape.

You have a sharp, softened straight top and bottom half.

Your shape is the most closest to a rectangle which means you have narrower hips, flatter stomach and a smaller bust.

This is an easy body shape to dress – the idea is to mirror your shape.  Every garment needs to be cut in a straight shape.  Fabrics that are stiff, rigid without any stretch and movement work really well.

I am a cool summer, 5ft 5inches in height, my proportions are short legs, short waist and balanced shoulders.  My aim is to look tall as possible with long legs, long waist and wider shoulders.

Look at this amazing dress I found in Reiss that ticks all the boxes:

me blue dress 1 side shot of me







Why does this dress work?

1. The dress is my style preference – Classic, Dramatic

2. Perfect colour – cool, muted and light

3. The dress is cut in a straight shape

4. The fabric skims over my body beautifully with angular finishes

5. With wearing heels and the dress falling down to the floor – makes me look 6ft tall

6.  Best thing ever – the dress was £195 and I bought it for £25!!

It is so easy when you know the rules, I never would have looked at this dress.

I love it!!

Inverted Triangle – Body Shape

bev inv triangle

Inverted triangle


This is an example of an Inverted Triangle.

You are opposite to a Pear. You have a curvy top half and a straighter bottom half. The body is usually smaller at the bottom and larger/top heavy on the top.

To make the best of this body shape we need to balance out the body by making the bottom area larger. The aim is to draw the eye down by adding textures, layers, accessories and pattern.



triangle top

hourglass jacket3

I have chosen a simple deep wide v-neckline top as this will reduce the size of the bust and the darker colour also minimises the top area of the body.

The grey jacket fits the body well following the lines of the body and also reduces the bust with the deep neckline.



These boot cut jeans are perfection for Inverted Triangles because they widen the lower leg and stop you looking top heavy. Also the colour is lighter than the top, again balancing out the body.

Wow look at these amazing red shoes – they will certainly draw attention to your great legs. Ensure that they are the same scale as your body – don’t go too skinny and angled!

rectangle jean
triangle shoe







lady baggy jumper

Tip – a lot of ladies want to hide their larger bust by wearing baggy, heavy knitted jumpers.  This is a mistake – your making the top area even larger by doing this.

Wear darker, semi fitted low neck jumpers that have a lighter scale fabric which suits your body.





What is your body shape?













The more clients I work with, the more I realise how very little women know what their body shape is and if they do know, what to do with their shape?  It is too confusing for women when looking at magazines and tv to find the answers.

Question … Am I an apple, brick, column or a strawberry?

I can tell you that the four body shapes are:

1. Hourglass 2. Pear 3. Straight 4. Inverted triangle.

We are all a variation of the these shapes; our bones on our body gives us the answer!

Julie’s story…

Age 47, height 5,6 colouring – warm, size 8 on top and 10 on bottom.

This is an example of a PEAR

The body is made up of two halves. A Pear has straight bones on the top and curved bones on the bottom. The body is usually smaller at the top and larger on the bottom. This is what you are born with and does not make a difference to what size you are.

To make the best of this body shape we need to balance out the body by making the top area larger. We do this by: layering, scarves, stripes, lighter colours, detailing and accessories. Your eye is then drawn to the top area of the body not making the problem area an issue. Simple!!

What body shape are you?

julie rowe after 2