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New Year brings positive change … celebrate your unique self

Being happy within yourself leads to inner peace, acceptance and joy. So many of us have negative self-image issues, manifested in everything from weight issues to feeling stagnant to abusive relationships to identity crisis based on gender, sexuality (and more).

We are all unique in our own way. It’s all about being brave and facing our issues, however difficult they are, and having the confidence to seek guidance and knowledge to move ourselves forward in a positive way.












Susan’s story…

Susan was stuck in a rut for many years; a common trend for so many women. The hair, make-up and clothes style/colours never changed, thinking it was ok, not knowing any different! Susan felt she was disappearing into the background; she was overweight and not happy with herself or her body.

The results are amazing! Make a resolution to feel good about yourself and fall in love with your body. This empowers you from within, and you’ll create goals with your heart. You will be more enthusiastic and focused to achieve. Susan lost two stone.

This is what Susan said …

I am transformed….. lost weight & feel great.  Maggi, you are amazing!