My 23 year old daughter and I went to Maggi to have style consultations and my daughter also had a colour analysis. I am retired and looking to update and finally find out what styles suit my body shape. My daughter wanted to know her best colours and the best styles to suit her.  This knowledge is a gift for life.

Maggi gave us a detailed and fascinating insight into our style type and how we could enhance our look for every occasion. It was so helpful to discover what shape neckline would suit and how our proportions might dictate, length and pattern size on garments, a revelation!

We had an amazing and wonderful time with Maggi and have already started on a wardrobe clear out and when shopping we are referring to the key elements for clothes, to avoid the usual spontaneous buys which then rarely get worn. Hopefully we should save money in the future!

I highly recommend Maggi and her skills if you want to understand how to dress your body shape and work with your style preferences. The colour analysis is a must too.

Caroline and Sophie   Wareham

The week following my style session with Maggi was up there with one of the best weeks of my life for “feeling amazing in my own skin”.

I had a huge clear out of clothes I’d been hanging onto for years, and reclaimed my confidence with what to wear when getting dressed in the morning.

The colour and style sessions though 5 years apart, were equally excellent, practical and clearly communicated in print and conversation.  They were both personal to me, incredibly helpful and each delivered in a friendly, professional and caring way, one online the other in person.

Thank you Maggi, you’re already highly recommended to my friends and family across the UK.

Alice Bees       West Wales

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing and wonderful colour and style you did for our niece Charlotte Wallace. She was thrilled with what you did for her and when we got home she started to look at her wardrobe and has started the transition of colour and style to improve her look.
You saw how she lacked confidence in herself and I know this journey which you started on that day for her will prove truly rewarding.
I would highly recommend Maggi as an Image Consultant!

Charlotte    Property Owner  Teignmouth

Thank you so much for such an amazing day yesterday.  It was so informative and interesting.  Thank you for all your advice and help in the consultation.

This is what Liv had to say about me …

Maggi’s knowledge was not only detailed and well researched but also personalised and growing with every detail she learnt about me, in order to give me the perfect consultation which mirrored who I am.  Maggi’s approachable and understanding nature made this an easy and positive experience.

Liv Fletcher  Graduate    Taunton Somerset

After university I wanted to update my wardrobe to look like a young professional. I wanted to discover my style and learn what outfits would compliment my figure. The most effective way to do this was to find an expert who could teach me. I am really glad I found Maggi – she introduced me to my colours and showed me my styles.
Our sessions were excellent -10/10 and I had great fun shopping with the list she gave me!
I’m thrilled to know more about my personal brand and style, I feel more confident and attractive and can only say that I wish I had done this earlier!
Tamara B-P   Project Manager  Barnstaple

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday.
I really enjoyed the day (much to my surprise!) and found it really interesting and helpful.  It has given me a whole new awareness about how my style, colours, shape and image. 
I am excited now to go shopping and fill the gap in my wardrobe! The colour wallet was really useful to have in my pocket, it gave me a lot more confidence that I was picking the right colours. I love it!
I am already starting to look at people differently and try to figure out their colour and style. I’ve been telling my friends all about it and can’t believe how enthusiastic I am about it all.
I think everyone should have a “Maggi” in their life!
Val Walsh  Manager, Construction Industry    Somerset



Thank you sooooo much for your time yesterday.  I cannot begin to tell you how much better I’m starting to feel about myself.

I feel like you gave me a glimpse of the TRUE woman in me that was lost somewhere inside my body.

I was blown away with how simple it was to create a completely different look by simply wearing the correct colours, cuts and shapes that show off my best features. I feel like you’ve ignited my creative side for fashion. I cannot wait to sort through my wardrobe and go out shopping now you’ve given me the tools in what to look for. I’m so excited to show off to the world who Lindsey is and bring that creativity into my appearance.

All I’ve been thinking about since coming home is my plan of action. You’ve made me realise I am worth it and am worth investing in. With your guidance I feel like I am on a path of transformation. Not only with my appearance, but from within and how l feel about myself and how I’ve added value to Lindsey.  I feel like for first time in a long time I’m starting to feel good about who I am.  Now I’ve started to feel good about myself my gut feeling is that everything else will start falling into place.

I cannot wait to get cracking and super excited to see you again with some fantastic clothing. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you recommend for starting off some outfits for the events in my life that are ahead.  I’ve told all my friends how amazing you are, and what I’ve learnt with you has been one of the best investments any woman can give herself. They are really excited to see me changing into the professional, confident woman I want the world to see.

I’m so happy to have met you. You are an amazing woman.
From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU xxxxxxxxx

Lindsey Sagar   Freelance Illustrator  Teignmouth

I met Maggi at an event and was impressed with some of case studies so decided to make an appointment. I was excited, but maybe a little apprehensive in advance of my visit to her, but I shouldn’t have worried.
Maggi is a lovely lady who makes you feel at ease straight away. I had a wonderful session with her, found it very enlightening and really enjoyed it.
I have had a sort out of my wardrobe and look at the contents with new eyes now and have got rid of some clothes that really don’t suit me.
Since my visit I now have the confidence when shopping I now say ‘no’ to items I know won’t suit me and have bought a lovely dress that is a size smaller than I would have bought before, so it fits snugly and it looks fab!
Thank you so much Maggi for your support and guidance – you’re amazing!
Jacqueline Shields    Marketing Manager   North Tawton

I just want to say a big thank you for spending time with me yesterday to help me with my body shape and to focus my mind on my colours which I have evidently been neglecting!
You have given me a great point of reference for sorting out my wardrobe and I now feel a lot more confident as to the direction I need to go.  I shall enjoy looking for those lovely spring colours and realise too how my body shape affects everything I wear.

Thank you for your time, patience and fun as we tackled what is quite a life-changing experience but you made it enjoyable.

I loved your encouragement, enthusiasm and personal attention – it’s a real treat to have someone interested in how we look to the outside world!

Carolyn Mason    Winkleigh, North Devon

An inspiring lady who instills a love of clothes. Through her spot on evaluations of your body and personality she offers recommendations of what works for you.

Maggi’s expertise with colour, sizing and material is second to none.

I feel like a whole new woman inside and out.

Alison Hernandez, Police and Crime Commissioner Devon and Cornwall