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Treat your mum with a make over on ‘Mothers Day’

Being a mum is the hardest job in the world. It is a major challenge being responsible for the physical and emotional demands of another being. As a mum, your world is now shared; life is not your own anymore, it moves quickly, erratically and is very unpredictable within each day. There is never enough time, however you try to hold onto it.

It is natural to sacrifice yourself over your children and put their needs first. Sadly, by doing this, your identity and confidence disappears, losing yourself and forgetting who you were before having children.

As a mum, it is very important to get some ‘me-time’. By taking time in the morning, styling your hair, putting on make up and choosing an outfit, will make you feel good for the day ahead and boost your confidence no end. This will also have an positive effect on the way you are around your children as well as being a good role model.

So come on mum’s – don’t blend into the background! Show yourself off!   





Allyson’s story…

Allyson is a working mum.  The before picture is a classic look I see a lot.  Relaxed, natural and comfortable. The easy beachy look- but does it show off Allyson’s gorgeous figure, colouring and personality?

Getting to know Allyson, she wanted to look classic and natural but didn’t  have the confidence, time, funds or knowledge of how to do it. Allyson simply, needed guidance to achieve a basic classic look, which is very easy once you know how.


Hair – When you have a small head and thick hair it can easily take over the face making it disappear. The first thing you should be seeing is her beautiful face. The hairstyle can be improved to look more edgy to show off her angled features.

Make-up – Allyson could spend 10 mins every morning putting makeup on to look sophisticated and to enhance her lovely large eyes.

Outfit – The outfit chosen is not good quality and is not a great fit. The fabrics chosen are not enhancing Allyson’s rectangular body shape, therefore, not looking her very best.

AFTER – Wow, it’s amazing how classy you can look once you know how.  Now you can see Allyson’s fabulous figure. The whole outfit came from the high street which suited her budget. Every piece of clothing is a must for every wardrobe, that will never date. A good pair of jeans, blazer and basic tee. To enhance Allyson’s colouring, i put a soft pink scarf close to her face – (the in colour this spring season!)

To finish off, I gave Allyson a more updated hair cut and applied makeup to enhance her colouring, also making her look more sophisticated.

Allyson now feels more confident within herself. She makes an effort daily and is excited to show off her amazing long legs, that she never knew she had.  Lucky lady!!

She is definitely a ‘yummy mummy’

New Year brings positive change … celebrate your unique self

Being happy within yourself leads to inner peace, acceptance and joy. So many of us have negative self-image issues, manifested in everything from weight issues to feeling stagnant to abusive relationships to identity crisis based on gender, sexuality (and more).

We are all unique in our own way. It’s all about being brave and facing our issues, however difficult they are, and having the confidence to seek guidance and knowledge to move ourselves forward in a positive way.












Susan’s story…

Susan was stuck in a rut for many years; a common trend for so many women. The hair, make-up and clothes style/colours never changed, thinking it was ok, not knowing any different! Susan felt she was disappearing into the background; she was overweight and not happy with herself or her body.

The results are amazing! Make a resolution to feel good about yourself and fall in love with your body. This empowers you from within, and you’ll create goals with your heart. You will be more enthusiastic and focused to achieve. Susan lost two stone.

This is what Susan said …

I am transformed….. lost weight & feel great.  Maggi, you are amazing!