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Inverted Triangle – Body Shape

bev inv triangle

Inverted triangle


This is an example of an Inverted Triangle.

You are opposite to a Pear. You have a curvy top half and a straighter bottom half. The body is usually smaller at the bottom and larger/top heavy on the top.

To make the best of this body shape we need to balance out the body by making the bottom area larger. The aim is to draw the eye down by adding textures, layers, accessories and pattern.



triangle top

hourglass jacket3

I have chosen a simple deep wide v-neckline top as this will reduce the size of the bust and the darker colour also minimises the top area of the body.

The grey jacket fits the body well following the lines of the body and also reduces the bust with the deep neckline.



These boot cut jeans are perfection for Inverted Triangles because they widen the lower leg and stop you looking top heavy. Also the colour is lighter than the top, again balancing out the body.

Wow look at these amazing red shoes – they will certainly draw attention to your great legs. Ensure that they are the same scale as your body – don’t go too skinny and angled!

rectangle jean
triangle shoe







lady baggy jumper

Tip – a lot of ladies want to hide their larger bust by wearing baggy, heavy knitted jumpers.  This is a mistake – your making the top area even larger by doing this.

Wear darker, semi fitted low neck jumpers that have a lighter scale fabric which suits your body.