Hourglass body shape

hourglass shape

Crista’s story …. age 51, colouring summer, height 5ft 6inches size 12, short legs, short waist and balanced shoulders.

Crista is giving you an example of her hourglass body shape.  Look how she has curved bones at the top and bottom of her body.  The aim here is to follow the lines of the body wearing fabrics that have stretch in them.

Below we see Crista around seven years ago before she saw me.  Here we see Crista in a beautiful khaki cardigan that is excellent quality, standard jeans and brown angular boots.



Crista was not confident with herself or her body and used to wear beautiful clothes however, the clothes did not show off her gorgeous hourglass body shape and were not flattering her skin tone and made the hip area larger with the style of the jumpers chosen and the pockets.

The jeans could be more modern and fitted and the boots would look better if they were a rounder shape complementing her hourglass shape and a softer shade to go with her colouring.

Crista now … 

Crista afterGorgeous!! Now we can see her fabulous hourglass shape.  Crista is wearing a stunning berry colour to complement her cool, soft colouring.  Notice where the cardigan finishes – on the hip which disguises her short waist and elongates her short legs, but also shows off her great shape.

The jeans are fitted with stretch and are more up to date.  The ankle boots are a soft grey that elongates her height and slims down the hips.

Crista looks happy, confident and up to date.  To finish off the hair – a beautiful mid soft colour and a bob is a classic that works with Crista’s face shape and soft round features.  The make up is natural wearing soft pinks and greys to go with her cool, summer colouring.

What a difference!  Crista looks beautiful!

This is what Crista said about me: 

Maggi is a wonderful role model for women. For a number of years she has been my main inspiration for hair, make-up, colour analysis and style.

Although I had an idea how to dress, Maggi gave me the confidence and knowledge to wear clothes that actually make me look slimmer, more stylish and suited to my natural colour and shape.      

Crista Bramley, teacher, jewellery designer       Beer, Devon