WHAT GLASSES SUIT ME?  Choosing the right pair of glasses can be a long, hard process made more difficult by the great selection of styles available on the market today.  How do you know what style and colour to choose and know whether it will look right on you?

The thing you need to be aware of is, the main area that people look at, is your face.  If glasses are a priority in your day to day life, then it is crucial you feel comfortable with your choice. They need to be a part of your personality, because of this, it is so worth investing time and money in the perfect pair.

It is not only your face shape and facial features you need to think about. The type of lens you’ll need depends on a variety of things such as your lifestyle, job, hairstyle, personality, and vision needs.


I PROVIDE 2 OPTIONS –  1. A glasses consultation  2. Shopping trip & consultation

Either of these choices, will help you tremendously.


After a mini consultation on your personality, lifestyle and needs, I then sit you in front of a mirror and look at your:

  • Face shape               Are you an oval, oblong, square, heart, round, pear or triangle
  • Facial features        Have you softer, rounder features or sharp, pointy, angular features
  • Hairstyle                   Do you have a short or long hair style.  Is it thick or thin hair?
  • Scale                          Do you have a small, medium or large frame?

I take consideration all the above and give advice on what glasses to go for.  Not only do I look at the frame shape of the glasses, but also the rims & lenses, sides of glasses, the width of the frame and the bridge.

COST £65 – 1 hour per consultation

This can be done via skype or a visit to my studio in Exeter.  You then have rules that are tailored for you, to then go shopping.


An initial consultation needs to take place (as above) via skype or visit to the studio.

We then meet in Exeter and visit various opticians to try on glasses that I recommend for you.  The great thing with shopping, you will be able to see what glasses work for you and which ones don’t.  The right pair is a visual thing.  When I find the right pair for you, they will stand out and look just right.

It is interesting, good fun and so worth it!

COST £65 – 1 hour per consultation + a shopping trip based in Exeter @ £50 per hour



Toby is a young student. He is at the age where image matters.  He is already attending interviews, doing presentations and needing to stand out and make a difference over others when getting a job.  First impressions are crucial.

Toby needs to wear glasses often, so choosing the right pair is important.  After a consultation – Toby has a long face with angular features.  The before glasses melt into his face, look old fashioned and are not the right shape and frame for his face shape, personality and style.

The glasses I chose for him, are a French blue to go with his colouring; they are not too hard.  The plastic frame shortens his face, and balances out his face shape.  The rectangular shape, mirror his facial features and work with his classic, quirky style.

Did you know that wearing glasses also, makes people look sophisticated and have that educated look.  Toby has a reputation of always looking smart!

If you would like to know what glasses suit you, then either send me an email info@maggigreen.co.uk or call 07834 454 493