As an independent Consultant and Personal Stylist, my passion is to educate people how to look good, feel confident and become more successful. Although I am based at Exeter in Devon, my work allows me to travel throughout the UK and abroad.

My clients are personal and professional ranging from teenagers to retired.  They vary from school leavers, graduates, working mums, retired, transgender, professionals, executives, business owners, consultants, directors and partners.

“I am sure that we would all like to have the gift knowing how to choose the perfect outfit, our hair and make-up to look amazing, receive comments and ooze confidence on a day to day! How great would that be!”

The trouble is… the majority of us do not have the time or know how of what to do!  Because of this, we play safe and stick to wearing the basics, looking bland and dull; lack of confidence plays a huge part.  However, are you aware that the clothes and colours we wear, tell a story.

The clients I deal with, are looking to improve or change themselves in some way.  My job is to help build confidence, provide guidance with theory and practical sessions on how to look, appear and come across in a positive way.  This will encourage to show off your assets and learn how to hide the bits you don’t like!  The experience has a massive effect, often making people look younger, attractive and confident.

Whether you need outfits for: general day wear, going out for meals, promotions, dating, interviews, tv work, presentations, meetings, networking, red carpets, award ceremonies etc etc.  Let me take the stress away and help you begin again and show the world how great you really are!!  Have a look at my great packages I have to offer, they are all great fun!

Maggi has an amazing ability to take you apart and put you back together again, in a very positive way!”  Read more testimonials


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