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Autumn offers

Burrrr It’s getting chilly.  Now is the time for you to be getting out all your winter clothing and organise an array of wonderful clothes to look fabulous for the winter season.

To help you achieve this tricky task, see my offers to help you:


FULL COLOUR CONSULTATION – Make things easier by finding out what colours look amazing on you.  Everything will go together so much better when you know your wonderful pallet of colours.

1.5 hours – £130 (£10 off full price)

WARDROBE WEED – So many clothes…. where do I start.  Let me help weed out the wrong things and leave you with beautiful garments that fit and suit you well.

4 hours – £190 (1 hour free – £40 off full price)

SHOPPING – Let’s go shopping and find pieces that you need for that perfect capsule wardrobe that work together, fit you well and look fantastic on you.

5 hours – from £230 (1 hour free)

Offers end Wednesday 31 October 2018.  This for men and women.

All prices are based in Exeter.  Outside area, please email for a quote.

Appointments have to be booked by November 30th 2018.

New year new you

Make this the year of change

Do you really want another year of dealing with those horrible, anxious feelings when you have to face the task to clear out your wardrobe, knowing what to wear and how to put it together. Do you feel sick inside looking at clothes online and in the high street trying to choose that amazing outfit?


To have the confidence to be able to do this, is hard. We all want and need to project ourselves in a positive way for people to take us seriously, to like and trust us.  Don’t let excuses get in the way with waiting to lose that stone or, not having the time or money to start this exciting venture.

Below are some offers to help you begin your new journey..


COLOUR ANALYSIS – mini £55   save £10   full £120 save £10
STYLE CONSULTATION – £140    save £30
PERSONAL SHOPPING – £190     save £40
without theory – £300                 save £50

COLOUR & STYLE – £250 save £50

A – COLOUR, STYLE, mini WARDROBE – £345   save £55
B – COLOUR, STYLE, WARDROBE – £430             save £60
C – COLOUR, STYLE, SHOPPING – £470               save £60

COLOUR, STYLE, WARDROBE x2, SHOPPING – £1100     save £100

COLOUR or STYLE – £10 off per person

requested from clients
If you have seen me, and would like a refresh on colour & style, this is a great way of revamping the theory, that can be individual to you.

2 hours via SKYPE or home/studio visit – from £130 save £20

Note: all bookings need to be booked by the end of January

If you would like to learn more, contact me https://maggigreen.co.uk/contact-me/

colour and style consultation – capsule wardrobe – self confidence

rae stephensonI went to visit Maggi because I liked her webpage, her image and the way she looked.  On meeting her, I was immediately put at ease and her warm personality made me very comfortable and I felt safe.

The colour session was amazing and as Maggi explained the colours best for me the change in my face and skin was evident.

The style session was fantastic, as thorough as the colour session, Maggi manages to show you what bits you need to draw the eye away from and how to do this, whilst incorporating your own style and personality, I had already done a Pinterest board, and Maggi showed me how to adapt the style I loved to my own shape.

Everything was covered including hair colour, shape of glasses, makeup and jewellery, scale, colour and shape.

No longer do I walk into shops not knowing what to go for.  I’m far more picky, and confident.  I actually feel pretty brave and bought an amazing pair of sunglasses that I wouldn’t even have tried on previously, in a colour I would never have picked up.

My hair is changing colour slowly as the old colour grows out, and I’m slowly adding only the items I love to my wardrobe, and look amazing on me.  Saving me time and money, buying fewer quality items rather than a load of stuff I dont wear and end up throwing away.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maggi, it was a wonderful day and valuable experience.

Thank you.

Rae Stephenson     Live in Carer, Bristol