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I’d been dithering about making an appointment with Maggi, since I first met her several years ago:  I was tired of my wardrobe, knew I was in a rut style wise, but I was busy, so many things to do…and time went on.

Then earlier this year I realised that not only time was going on, but I was getting older and beginning to feel I looked very ordinary.  My old confidence about my dress style had quietly left me.   So at last, I contacted Maggi.

I enjoyed the initial assessment of my body shape and style personality –  interesting and very helpful.  Then the wardrobe sort out… I tried everything on, and Maggi discussed, what was right and wrong with the garments… colour, style, fit or was it really me?!  Maggi was a strict disciplinarian; the morning was great fun!  She left me with suggestions for the gaps in my wardrobe, including shops, and websites too.

A couple of weeks later Maggi returned to help me put together outfits for my holiday which I found really helpful.

Now I have fewer clothes, but I’m wearing more of them: no longer reaching for the same old things most days, despite having a wardrobe crammed with clothes.

My experience with Maggi was very worthwhile. My interest in clothes refreshed; more confidence in expressing my style.

Client   Sidmouth, Devon

corporate/personal branding – make over

Working with Maggi has been a fantastimg_1128ic experience, her knowledge and expertise in her profession immediately put me at ease from our first meeting. I was looking for an image consultant to help me with defining a brand image for myself and also my business, something that would flow between the two instead of having two separate wardrobes.

I have been running my own business for several years and although I predominately work from home, on the days I do go networking or to a client office, I often felt awkward in the clothes I was wearing and young. That may sound strange, but when trying to sell and promote my business I need to look and feel confident and mature. People need to believe that I have enough years experience to deliver what I say I can.

Before working with Maggi I loathed shopping, I would leave feeling frustrated, disappointed and often with an even bigger body complex because clothes wouldn’t fit or would look odd. I often panic bought and the garment would then sit in my wardrobe for that elusive ‘one day’.

Yesterday I went to a meeting wearing the new clothes that I bought with Maggi during our shopping trip and I felt amazing even before I left the house. I felt confident and stylish, I definitely had a spring in my heels! I now have a greater awareness of colours, fabrics to avoid and cuts that would look flattering on my body shape. I am embracing my new found classic natural style and love how Maggi’s advice covers not just clothes, but also bags, shoes, jewellery, make-up and hair.

Working with Maggi has been an invaluable experience and I actually feel excited about shopping to finish getting my capsule wardrobe in place.

Alison Brydon, Freelance administrator/project assistant      Taunton, Somerset

How to dress on Valentines Day

Valentines Day is here!  With a hot date on the cards, you need to get it right! You’re happy, excited, nervous, worried – maybe even doubting yourself. There is so much to think about.. where shall we meet, what shall we do, what do we talk about?

You have 3 seconds to impress a woman … have you the perfect outfit?

Here are some style tips to win over your date:-

a) Hair should be clean and styled
b) Skin needs to be clean and moisturised
c) Ensure you are aware of your breath
d) Do not wear strong aftershave

a) Be yourself. Feel comfortable with what you are wearing
b) Clothes should fit well
c) Ensure your outfit is appropriate for the type of date
d) You cannot go wrong with classic dressing, make sure your outfit is up to date





In the before picture, Paul looks very beige and is not looking his very best. The outfit he has chosen for his date is very dated and in need of help with trends and overall look.

I hope will agree, that Paul now looks extremely handsome. After educating Paul with colour, style, fit and basic grooming, he looks a different man.

If you want to know how to dress and wow your loved one.  Why not book a mens styling session.

Men’s Styling

Personal shopping in Bath

IMG_7652A SHOPPING TRIP is a great way of finding amazing pieces that everyone needs to create a perfect capsule wardrobe.  The majority of us have little knowledge of what is needed for our wardrobes, resulting in wasting money on the same things and usually not showing off our amazing bodies.

There are lots of things that I am looking for when I go shopping with a client:

STYLE PREFERENCE this is your branding/Identity – to make sure I am going to the right shops that work for you.  

What are the clothes for? i.e. coffee with friends, dinner parties, work wear etc

Above we see Tessa in an amazing SILK SHIRT from Tommy Hilfiger.  We all need a gorgeous silk top.  This can look fab in the day with jeans then change the bottom for smart trousers for an evening look. The colour is great on Tessa’s cool colouring and something she didn’t have in her wardrobe.

IMG_7649Beautiful quality KNITWEAR is a must for everyone’s wardrobe.  I am looking for the:

  1. Style – simple and classic
  2. Colour – off white to match natural colouring
  3. Cut and Length of the jumper – straight cut, hip length to balance the length of the body.
  4. Scale – medium weight
  5. Neckline – v-neck to reduce bust, also working with Tessa’s facial features.

This jumper can be worn layered in the winter and carried through to the spring/summer.

I love this french blue CASHMERE tunic jumper. I chose this for Tessa because: IMG_7658

a) a classic modern design which will never date

b) love the colour – looks great with her eyes

c) the straight cut shows off her fabulous shape and fits her really well

d) quality cashmere – lovely and warm

e) found this at Marks & Spencer – surprising what you can find when you know where to look



STATEMENT jewellery is one of the most  important pieces in a wardrobe.  It has so many positives for women.

1. If you have any areas of the body that you wish to hide.  Draw the eye to an amazing statement necklace.

2. A necklace finishes of a garment – gives you that polished look.

3. Enhances our facial features.

4. It is a way to show off your personality.

Ensure that you wearing the correct style for you, colour, shape, size and the correct position to sit well in your body.

IMG_7666SHOES are the most difficult thing to find for women.  As we get older – we cannot wear heels.  With the problems we face with our feet or our toes, high uncomfortable shoes are a no no!

We want to feel comfortable and be able to wear a small heel that will work with the majority of our clothes.  The two photos I have chosen are perfect.

Small kitten heels give that elegance needed to work with dresses, skirts, jeans and trousers.  I chose these beautiful grey/blue shoes that work with Tessa’s soft colouring.  The colour will go with Tessa’s outfits and be worn in day and evening.  The pointed shoe also complements Tessa’s straight body.

These shoes are a great find.  I like the simple, classic design.  The navy shoe mixed with the blue suede shoesblack bow works with killer evening trousers worn in navy and black.  The pointed toe again is correct for the straight body.  They have some softness to them and the magic wedge heel is high enough to feel like you are wearing a heel, very comfortable and a classic design that will never date.

I found the shoes at www.tedandmuffy.com

All the shoes and boots are in narrow, standard and wide fitting.  How great is that!

So, you have now seen a few things that I feel are needed for a ‘capsule wardrobe’.  

I have so many men and women that are stuck in a rut and really would like some help in knowing where to start in improving the way they look and feel.  If you feel ready to come out of your comfort zone and want to look the best version of yourself then book a shopping trip!  You will love it or may be like Tessa hint to your husband as an idea for a present!

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