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I’d been dithering about making an appointment with Maggi, since I first met her several years ago:  I was tired of my wardrobe, knew I was in a rut style wise, but I was busy, so many things to do…and time went on.

Then earlier this year I realised that not only time was going on, but I was getting older and beginning to feel I looked very ordinary.  My old confidence about my dress style had quietly left me.   So at last, I contacted Maggi.

I enjoyed the initial assessment of my body shape and style personality –  interesting and very helpful.  Then the wardrobe sort out… I tried everything on, and Maggi discussed, what was right and wrong with the garments… colour, style, fit or was it really me?!  Maggi was a strict disciplinarian; the morning was great fun!  She left me with suggestions for the gaps in my wardrobe, including shops, and websites too.

A couple of weeks later Maggi returned to help me put together outfits for my holiday which I found really helpful.

Now I have fewer clothes, but I’m wearing more of them: no longer reaching for the same old things most days, despite having a wardrobe crammed with clothes.

My experience with Maggi was very worthwhile. My interest in clothes refreshed; more confidence in expressing my style.

Client   Sidmouth, Devon