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The perfect gift – an Image consultation – Christmas offers

Not long until CHRISTMAS DAY is here….. there is still time to find the perfect gift.  If you are wanting that WOW present, to give a loved one, or would like to treat yourself, then check out my offers to give you some great inspiration.

FULL COLOUR CONSULTATION – Make things easier by finding out what colours look amazing on you.  Everything will go together so much better when you know your wonderful pallet of colours.        1.5 hours – £130 (£10 off full price)

STYLE CONSULTATION – Haven’t you always wanted to know what to wear that suits your body shape, to feel confident and look amazing?  I can show you how.     2.5 hours – £170 (£10 off full price)

WARDROBE WEED – So many clothes…. where do I start.  Let me help weed out the wrong things and leave you with beautiful garments that fit and suit you well.       4 hours – £190 (£20 off full price)

SHOPPING TRIP – Let’s go shopping and find pieces that you need for that perfect capsule wardrobe that work together, fit you well and look fantastic on you.    5 hours – from £230 (£30 off full price)


CLASSIC – colour and style £300 (£25 off full price)

ELITE – all packages (£50 off full price)

EXECUTIVE – package (£100 off full price)

GIFT VOUCHERS – are available

Offers end Christmas Eve, Monday 24th December 2018.  This for men and women.


All prices are based in Exeter.  Outside area, travelling expenses will be added.

Appointments need to be booked into diary by Monday 31st December 2018.

I travel to help people in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Bath, Bristol and London.

Professional male before and after


Ashok before

Ashok after


Here we have an intelligent and phenomenal individual.

Ashok is a Doctor in Bath.

Our objective, was to improve his image both professionally and socially.

He wanted to wear clothing which represented his kind, charming and fun personality.

As you can see in his before photo, he was struggling with looking ordinary, unkempt and ill-matched.

Here we have changed him to a handsome, modern gentleman that looks younger, slimmer and definitely not boring!

A joy to work with.

This is what he had to say….

“I am extremely happy with all the items purchased and there have been many comments about my new image which are very positive so I’m extremely pleased.  Thank you once again for your kind help”.

Professional male – before and after

Here we have Baz a Business Consultant and Executive Coach.

It was obvious the moment I met Baz that he had an infectious, warm nature and a great sense of humour.  My focus was to bring this out with colours that worked with his natural colouring. Knowing that first impressions are crucial for his work as a trainer we needed to ensure that Baz looked the part when dealing with clients and a UK Board of Directors

As you can see in his before photo, the black ill fitting suit projects a heavy, serious look with no sense of identity and no wow factor.

Here we have transformed his look to show off the professional, charismatic, and approachable man with a bubbly personality that shines through. Now, we can all see the message that Baz is trying to portray to others.  What a difference!





This is what Baz had to say….

“Maggi has an eye for what looks good, in a way that I was completely blind to.

People now comment about how much younger I look and how much sharper I’m dressed.

I have a new suit which is both a better fit and a colour that better suits me as well as shirts, new glasses and brogues.

personal image and impact

personal shopping gift

I had a fab day!  For someone who dislikes shopping, I couldn’t believe how quickly the time flew and how at ease I felt in the time we had together.

I have definitely been thinking more about what I wear and trying to stick to the things you told me about that work best for my age/body shape etc and I definitely feel more confident in the way I look as a result of this, which also makes husband happy!

No more moth eaten tops for me!

Nikki Reid   Psychologist  Exeter

Personal shopping in Bath

IMG_7652A SHOPPING TRIP is a great way of finding amazing pieces that everyone needs to create a perfect capsule wardrobe.  The majority of us have little knowledge of what is needed for our wardrobes, resulting in wasting money on the same things and usually not showing off our amazing bodies.

There are lots of things that I am looking for when I go shopping with a client:

STYLE PREFERENCE this is your branding/Identity – to make sure I am going to the right shops that work for you.  

What are the clothes for? i.e. coffee with friends, dinner parties, work wear etc

Above we see Tessa in an amazing SILK SHIRT from Tommy Hilfiger.  We all need a gorgeous silk top.  This can look fab in the day with jeans then change the bottom for smart trousers for an evening look. The colour is great on Tessa’s cool colouring and something she didn’t have in her wardrobe.

IMG_7649Beautiful quality KNITWEAR is a must for everyone’s wardrobe.  I am looking for the:

  1. Style – simple and classic
  2. Colour – off white to match natural colouring
  3. Cut and Length of the jumper – straight cut, hip length to balance the length of the body.
  4. Scale – medium weight
  5. Neckline – v-neck to reduce bust, also working with Tessa’s facial features.

This jumper can be worn layered in the winter and carried through to the spring/summer.

I love this french blue CASHMERE tunic jumper. I chose this for Tessa because: IMG_7658

a) a classic modern design which will never date

b) love the colour – looks great with her eyes

c) the straight cut shows off her fabulous shape and fits her really well

d) quality cashmere – lovely and warm

e) found this at Marks & Spencer – surprising what you can find when you know where to look



STATEMENT jewellery is one of the most  important pieces in a wardrobe.  It has so many positives for women.

1. If you have any areas of the body that you wish to hide.  Draw the eye to an amazing statement necklace.

2. A necklace finishes of a garment – gives you that polished look.

3. Enhances our facial features.

4. It is a way to show off your personality.

Ensure that you wearing the correct style for you, colour, shape, size and the correct position to sit well in your body.

IMG_7666SHOES are the most difficult thing to find for women.  As we get older – we cannot wear heels.  With the problems we face with our feet or our toes, high uncomfortable shoes are a no no!

We want to feel comfortable and be able to wear a small heel that will work with the majority of our clothes.  The two photos I have chosen are perfect.

Small kitten heels give that elegance needed to work with dresses, skirts, jeans and trousers.  I chose these beautiful grey/blue shoes that work with Tessa’s soft colouring.  The colour will go with Tessa’s outfits and be worn in day and evening.  The pointed shoe also complements Tessa’s straight body.

These shoes are a great find.  I like the simple, classic design.  The navy shoe mixed with the blue suede shoesblack bow works with killer evening trousers worn in navy and black.  The pointed toe again is correct for the straight body.  They have some softness to them and the magic wedge heel is high enough to feel like you are wearing a heel, very comfortable and a classic design that will never date.

I found the shoes at www.tedandmuffy.com

All the shoes and boots are in narrow, standard and wide fitting.  How great is that!

So, you have now seen a few things that I feel are needed for a ‘capsule wardrobe’.  

I have so many men and women that are stuck in a rut and really would like some help in knowing where to start in improving the way they look and feel.  If you feel ready to come out of your comfort zone and want to look the best version of yourself then book a shopping trip!  You will love it or may be like Tessa hint to your husband as an idea for a present!

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