Why Meghan Markle’s wedding dresses worked…

Meghan Markle looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day, with two amazing dresses.

The first wedding dress, designed by Clare Waight Keller of Givenchy, was simple, plain and classic.  It featured long sleeves and a boat neck neckline.  The 16-foot veil made a dramatic entrance. To finish off her accessories, being her tiara, bracelet and earrings matched the simple look and oozed class.

The second dress had another clean look, was more sexy, again lacked embellishments and lace.  I loved the modern high halter neck and the flowing feminine look at the bottom.

Her hair, was in a relaxed up do – she tucked loose strands behind her ears when flowing in the wind, again giving that modern look.

If we look at Meghan’s style, she is in total control of each outfit.









They all have a common theme of being classic, clean and modern as well as having some bravery about them.  This could be the handbag, colour, print or the design of the outfit.

Because of this, it was obvious that her wedding dress was going to be simple and understated.

Meghan’s choice of colour with the majority of the outfits are contrasty and bold.  She looks fabulous in cool white, showing off her hair and skin colour.


Both wedding dresses were white which perfectly complements her hair and skin tone.

Body lines

Due to her straight body shape, the tailor has complemented her shape, following the lines of her body perfectly.

The boat neck widens her shoulders, showing off her petite narrow frame.

Even her shoes complement the lines of her body.


The fabric of the main dress was silk cady.  This is like a crepe, but with a crisper feel.  The silk added a little movement.  The perfect fabric for her straight body shape.


Both dresses had straight finishes, again following the lines of her body and complementing her  style.

Around her face

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

What worked so well to finish off, was how the designer chose flattering contoured shapes worn around her face, which looked great.

The focus of the dress being the curved boat neck neckline, which complemented the features on her face.

The tiara and the earrings were a rounder shape.

It was so nice to see her beautiful open neck with no jewellery, focusing on the other parts of her jewellery.



This is such a ‘special’ day for women.  Having the perfect wedding dress is so important.  You want to look amazing, but feel comfortable at the same time.

It is vital that how you look is a version of the fabulous you!  Don’t copy anyone else, you are beautiful in your own right.  The wedding dress on someone else, will probably not work on you.  We are all different!

Ensure that you are making the correct choices to make the best of yourself.  Remember, it is your day… make it count!

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