What neckline is best for a small bust

There are so many different necklines out there… what neckline is best for a small bust?

Here we have a client that I have been working with in Cornwall, Devon.  I was asked to go through her wardrobe, clearing out the wrong items and keeping the best pieces that work for her body, personality and age.  I love looking at different garments in people’s wardrobes, trying them on to see how they can change the body shape, proportions in a good and bad way.


I wanted to share with you three red tops with different necklines and how this changes the bust and neck area.

My client has a medium length neck is in the age of 60’s and a small bust.  She is happy with her bust size, but does not want to make her bust area smaller.

  1. DEEP SCOOP – Here we can see how low the neckline is, which makes the bust smaller.  There is too much flesh showing for her age, but does elongate her neck.



2. DEEP V-NECK – Another red top with a deep narrow v-neck.  Again this neckline draws down to her bust, making the bust smaller.  This is not the best option.  It does make her neck longer, which is a nice asset to have.




3. ROUND NECK – This neckline is the best one for my client.  The neckline is higher up which makes the best look bigger.  The scoop is much smaller, this sits well on the body.  Another bonus is showing some flesh, elongating the neck area.

Now we both know what neckline works for my client.  Seeing the tops on and showing my client in the mirror makes it real and believable.

To make her wardrobe more interesting, she would benefit with more tops with this neckline in more colours which suit her skin tone.

A few basic good quality jerseys and knitwear will be excellent staple items to form a fab capsule wardrobe.  Saving money in the long run and making my client feel confident and walking tall.