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What is an Image Consultant

What is an Image Consultant?  

An Image consultant help people make the best of their own personal style and Image.  They explain, in detail, the colours and styles that suit the individual’s personal colouring (in terms of hair, skin tone and eyes) and body shape.  They also offer services such as wardrobe weeding, personal shopping and styling.

They help people with their personal and professional Image.  Clients come to an Image consultant because they are in a phase of transition and are looking to improve themselves in some way.  This could be related to a career move, to find a soulmate, improve their confidence, separation, bereavement or, to up their game at work.

An Image consultant work well with organisations.  They provide workshops and help individuals with personal branding, professional image and impact, non-verbal communication and brand alignment.

What is an Image consultant and why does it matter?

When I get asked what I do for a living, it can go several ways:

  1. The person looks at me blank – has no idea what an Image consultant is.
  2. They come across, looking and feeling confident that they do not need an Image consultant.
  3. Feel totally embarrassed, thinking they are going to be assessed and wish that they made an effort.
  4. Look at me as if they are not bothered. Tell me that they didn’t have time to do their hair and threw on baggy black clothes, because it is smart and that will do.
  5. Assume straight away that a stylist only works with the rich and famous. An elite service that they cannot afford.

Well, let me explain what I do and why it matters.  I have a passion for helping people look and feel good and becoming more successful.  I genuinely believe that all of us need to see an Image Consultant.  We all should be educated to understand who we are, what to do and how to look good.

Once we have the basic skills with how to make the best of our hair, skin, colouring and body shape, it becomes so much easier.  The skills that you are taught will be with you for the rest of your life.  It will be a huge asset to your personal and professional life.  Your confidence will fly, having a positive effect on your well-being.

How much does looks or physical appearance matter?

It matters a lot.  As humans, we are inclined to judge others by their physical appearance, as visual information is the first thing we see when we meet for the first time.

We are told that ‘appearances can be deceptive’ and not to ‘judge a book by its cover’.  And yet, we cannot help making on-the-spot judgments about people based on what we see.

How you look is incredibly important, now we are in the age of digital communication.  In seconds, your image can convey so many things, such as success, status, character, personality, and of course style. Whether you like it or not, people will formulate an opinion about you before they even know you, solely based on what you are wearing and how you carry yourself.

An image consultant will help you match your unique self on the inside, creating an image that you want to present to the outside world.

Simply put, an image consultant will help you to create a positive brand and a strong professional image.

Quick fix

I wanted to see an Image Consultant, to get an objective opinion on colours and cuts that would suit my body.  Even though I knew I was an hourglass, I still had noticed that some styles recommended for hourglass didn’t really work for me – it was good to understand why. I also wanted to know how to carry through my personal style expression into more restrictive environments such as work.

Maggi explained and clearly illustrated to a point of no doubt why some colours will work wonders for me and some shapes should be avoided.  She also very intuitively managed to understand the style tendencies of my personality which is the hardest thing to crack. It’s no good suggesting Marilyn Monroe type dress just because I’m an hourglass if my personality is completely different to that. Maggi had her ways through examples and questions to help me understand myself better. She was also very tactful regarding some of my old favourites that didn’t make the fashion cut by simply explaining what alternative would be better. And guess what it worked. She was right.

The ‘Quick Fix’ is a fantastic workshop to help you be more effective with your clothes shopping and only purchase things you really need, love and look good in. And secondly, it’s a great treat and a confidence boost. Enjoy!

I would very much recommend Maggi.

Elina Scorey    Head of Business Development   Sidmouth/London

Professional male before and after


Ashok before

Ashok after


Here we have an intelligent and phenomenal individual.

Ashok is a Doctor in Bath.

Our objective, was to improve his image both professionally and socially.

He wanted to wear clothing which represented his kind, charming and fun personality.

As you can see in his before photo, he was struggling with looking ordinary, unkempt and ill-matched.

Here we have changed him to a handsome, modern gentleman that looks younger, slimmer and definitely not boring!

A joy to work with.

This is what he had to say….

“I am extremely happy with all the items purchased and there have been many comments about my new image which are very positive so I’m extremely pleased.  Thank you once again for your kind help”.

Executive brand before and after

Here we have a wonderful couple, who are very busy with their successful
brand. This means that they need stylish, easy to co-ordinate clothing
that shows off their company during their public and TV appearances.

Will and Charlie on QVC – before photo


Charlie Bears is a luxury, collectable teddy bear company with a sense of fun and a classic British background.

We wanted to emulate and match that
reputation with the owners as well as honour their personal characters.



Will after


We succeed in creating a beautiful capsule wardrobe, filled with amazing quality items, that fit well, look appropriate and are easy to wear.

Will looks sensational.

They are now able to arrive at any event or challenging
situation ready for action.

This is what Will had to say….

I am really enjoying my new look and have to say that I feel so much more confident, and also making my own choices.

When I am at work, I can walk into a room and own it, knowing that I look the part… it has made a huge difference.”


how to look expensive – understated and ooze success

Claire came to me as an executive needing my help, to understand her personal brand to in turn improve how she came across to her clients and become more successful.


As you can see from her before picture, the outfit Claire has chosen has the right shape and partially the right colours, but can be improved with my help.  The outfit looks very relaxed, is not age appropriate and my first impressions … the look/image does not match Claire’s brand, values and intelligence.


The first thing I had to do, was to visit Claire’s business.  A lot of time was spent working on her values for herself and her company.  This is where so many people go wrong.  They concentrate so much on their business, but do not realise that they are the product!!  How you come across and look is vital.  If you look the part, you will become equally successful and people will trust you.

After educating Claire on what colours to go for, what type of garments to go for to match her personality, height and body shape.  Also, looking more age appropriate, we have now a different business woman.  I took Claire shopping in Exeter, and shopped on line for some pieces and together, we found the perfect look.  I hope you will agree that Claire looks very expensive, trustworthy, approachable and a woman that oozes success!

Although Claire looks expensive, the clothes do not have to be.  It is very important to have good quality fabrics.  The blouse was French connection at £15, the necklace £12 and shoes were Next at £40.  The watch was £100 from Earnest Jones and the statement ring was £26 from Stella and Dot.  The trench coat was knocked down in the sale at £65 from Finery and the skirt was £70 from Ted Baker.  The brooch was Claire’s that came from a charity shop, linking in the beautiful colour from the skirt.  Fab!

personal image and impact

As a business consultant and executive coach predominantly working with UK Board Directors, my appearance is important to me, both in making a good first impression, but also being an integral part of my personal brand.

I was not particularly knowledgeable or aware of what clothes I might look best in.  I came across Maggi and although I felt quite conscious as a man going to meet to her, I’m very glad I did.

It was clear from the start, that Maggi has an eye for what looks good, in a way that I was completely blind to.  She took the time to get an understanding of the type of look that I might be aspiring towards, as well as insightfully questioning to ascertain what preferences I might have and what was important about my attire in relation to the work I did.

I was blown away by the amount of preparation she had done beforehand in terms of what types of ‘cuts’ would best work with my body shape, what fabrics and finishes I should consider in my suits, the types of shirting pattern and colours.

6 months later… people now comment about how much younger I look and how much sharper I’m dressed.  I have a new suit which is both a better fit and a colour that better suits me as well as shirts, new glasses and brogues.

What I really notice about Maggi is her expertise and keen eye to provide insight and clarity over what would best work for me and her ability to see things that I just wasn’t able to see. I’m also really impressed with her ability to go the extra mile in terms of the level of commitment and investigation she was willing to undertake on my behalf, as an example, she found several affordable bespoke suit makers.

I definitely recommend having a consultation with Maggi.

Baz Hartnell, Business consultant and Executive coach        Chard, Devon