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Valentines offer – my 10 tips on how to get it right

With Valentines Day around the corner, it’s time to start prepping the ultimate outfit for your date.  First impressions are everything!

We have all watched Grease, time and time again, such a great movie; one of my favourites.   We see different scenarios, and different outfits.  What’s interesting is how, both Sandy and Danny made an effort with their Image when they met.  They were themselves and fell for each other.

Later in the movie we see how they dress to please others, to fit in with the crowd, sadly affecting their secret love for each other.  As you know, it is a happy ending and it all turns around.


Your clothing is a primary component of your Image and is a potential communicator with its own language.

My tips for you are:

1. Be modern and up to date

2. Think of some words on how you wish to come across, match those words with your outfit

3. Keep it natural ladies and not too much make-up

4. Ladies, showing too much flesh and make-up is a put off

5. Guys, wearing too much perfume is distracting

6. Be yourself and do not copy others

7. Ensure the outfit fits you properly (not too baggy or too tight)

8. Go for colours that are not too harsh and serious

9. Smile, it’s easy and makes a massive difference

10. Ensure the outfit fits the purpose of the date


If you are unsure on how to look, but so want to get it right for your date, then let me help with my VALENTINES OFFER.

PERSONAL SHOPPING TRIP – 3 hours in Exeter                                                                             Includes – pre cafe meeting discussing your outfit/date, suggestions on how to improve your look, and discuss where you are going wrong, shopping for the perfect outfit for your date.

COST – £140

If you want to wow your date, then please email me info@maggigreen.co.uk or give me a call on 07834 454 493.