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how to look expensive – understated and ooze success

Claire came to me as an executive needing my help, to understand her personal brand to in turn improve how she came across to her clients and become more successful.


As you can see from her before picture, the outfit Claire has chosen has the right shape and partially the right colours, but can be improved with my help.  The outfit looks very relaxed, is not age appropriate and my first impressions … the look/image does not match Claire’s brand, values and intelligence.


The first thing I had to do, was to visit Claire’s business.  A lot of time was spent working on her values for herself and her company.  This is where so many people go wrong.  They concentrate so much on their business, but do not realise that they are the product!!  How you come across and look is vital.  If you look the part, you will become equally successful and people will trust you.

After educating Claire on what colours to go for, what type of garments to go for to match her personality, height and body shape.  Also, looking more age appropriate, we have now a different business woman.  I took Claire shopping in Exeter, and shopped on line for some pieces and together, we found the perfect look.  I hope you will agree that Claire looks very expensive, trustworthy, approachable and a woman that oozes success!

Although Claire looks expensive, the clothes do not have to be.  It is very important to have good quality fabrics.  The blouse was French connection at £15, the necklace £12 and shoes were Next at £40.  The watch was £100 from Earnest Jones and the statement ring was £26 from Stella and Dot.  The trench coat was knocked down in the sale at £65 from Finery and the skirt was £70 from Ted Baker.  The brooch was Claire’s that came from a charity shop, linking in the beautiful colour from the skirt.  Fab!