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Autumn offers

Burrrr It’s getting chilly.  Now is the time for you to be getting out all your winter clothing and organise an array of wonderful clothes to look fabulous for the winter season.

To help you achieve this tricky task, see my offers to help you:


FULL COLOUR CONSULTATION – Make things easier by finding out what colours look amazing on you.  Everything will go together so much better when you know your wonderful pallet of colours.

1.5 hours – £130 (£10 off full price)

WARDROBE WEED – So many clothes…. where do I start.  Let me help weed out the wrong things and leave you with beautiful garments that fit and suit you well.

4 hours – £190 (1 hour free – £40 off full price)

SHOPPING – Let’s go shopping and find pieces that you need for that perfect capsule wardrobe that work together, fit you well and look fantastic on you.

5 hours – from £230 (1 hour free)

Offers end Wednesday 31 October 2018.  This for men and women.

All prices are based in Exeter.  Outside area, please email for a quote.

Appointments have to be booked by November 30th 2018.

Do the celebrities always get it right?

Why do we assume that celebrities get it right with their style and colour?  We see them all the time on social media and in photoshoots wearing outfits chosen by themselves or by a stylist.

As I have worked with so many people over the years, I find it interesting how sometimes they are spot on with their colouring and chosen outfit and how too, they seriously get it so wrong.  I love having the power and vision on how I can see the difference when they do get it right; they look so much more connected and powerful.

I think it is extremely valuable and helpful getting inspiration from the celebs on what they wear, but would like everyone to know, that you have to be yourself and embrace your personality, unique body and amazing colouring.  All of us are different in lots of ways.  Don’t be afraid to let others see how great you are.

Here are some examples on mainly colour of before and afters.  I do hope that you can see the difference with the celebrities that we see all the time on tv, what happens to their look overall, when they are wearing the wrong and the right colours.

BEFORE – Holly Willoughby has a soft, cool colouring.  She has chosen to wear a black dress and matching black eyeliner.

Although, the eyeliner links well with the dress, this colour is making her look hard and contrasty.

The black colour provides shadows across the face and hair, sadly making her look darker than she naturally is.  The colour is too strong for her.

AFTER – What a difference.  Holly is surrounded by soft, cool muted colours; not a black in sight.  All the colours in the photo suit her skin and hair tone much better.  Her make-up doesn’t look so hard, it works well with her ivory dress, linking in beautifully with the soft blue colour behind.  Overall, she looks warm, soft and approachable.  Gorgeous!

BEFORE – Here we see talented Eddie Redmayne.  Complete opposite to Holly, he has warm, freckly skin with gorgeous deep warm toned hair.

Unless you are aware of how Eddie looks, you would be totally unaware of his warm coloured hair and skin with this cool blue which is surrounding him.

He looks so cold; look at his lips!  What a shame!

AFTER – Love this picture…. what a difference.  The colour of the bricks in the background and the warm burnt orange jumper link really well with Eddie’s natural colouring.  Now you can see his conker coloured hair and his warm skin tone.  A rare colouring to see; great to work with.  Eddie looks very well, age appropriate ; I particularly like the jumper style and how the neckline works with his long neck.

BEFORE – Jessica Chastain is an American actress.  She has fair skin and beautiful red hair.

Although, she is similar to Eddie Redmayne, the difference is paler skin and a lighter hair base.

Jessica’s hair has some brightness to it.  The pink dress and lipstick that she is wearing is a blue pink, not a warm yellow pink, making her look cold.

The light colour works with her light hair, but is too cool, which does not match with her skin tone.

AFTER – Here we can see how Jessica has chosen a warm toned coloured dress with the gold detail and gold earrings to link with her light, bright warm coloured hair and skin.  Can you see how she has connected everything together.  Again, a very rare colouring; I do get very excited when I see this colouring.  Beautiful unusual colours; absolutely stunning!

BEFORE – Lastly, we have James Bond – Pierce Brosnan.

This is very common to see with most people.  Beige is a safe colour, but pretty boring and non-descript.

It doesn’t help with the suit not fitting him properly.  Pierce naturally has very dark hair, with this beige colouring and the blended tie, makes him disappear.

You would not notice him in a room.  He has little presence.

AFTER – Ok, now you would definitely spot this man in a room.  He looks sharp, slick and someone who knows what he is doing.  The angled hair cut works with his angled features on his face.  The contrasting colours link well with his cool colouring and dark hair.  Basic theory, the suit fits him very well.  Not only has he chosen the right colour suit and shirt, but finished it off with a red striking tie that makes him look the part.  Wow!

What about YOU!  Have you really looked in the mirror properly at yourself each day when you are choosing your outfit?

Are you looking cold, boring, blended, hard and untrustworthy?

Maybe, it is time to do something about it. https://maggigreen.co.uk/executive/