If you’re not sure where to start, then I recommend you begin with a COLOUR ANALYSIS.

This is one of the most important things that you need to get right to improve your look.  It will have an instant positive effect, even without wearing make-up.  Having your colours analyised will give you the answers to your correct:

  • hair colour
  • make-up
  • clothes
  • accessories

This will make shopping so much easier and take the stress away whilst choosing garments.
Prior your consultation, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire so that I can find out more about you and how confident you feel about colour and shopping.


This is what will be covered in the session:

  1. A selection of seasonal colours (spring, summer, autumn, winter) will be placed across your chest to identify your dominant colour characteristics ie warm, cool, bright, muted etc. You will see the effect of the right and wrong colours against your skin tone.  The correct colour fabric will make your skin and eyes look fresh and your hair colouring pop.
  2. Once a season is selected, an explanation will be given on how it is best to wear your chosen colours.
  3. A wallet will be given to you containing 20/33 colours that will look amazing on you as well as information on your colour profile, glasses, make-up etc.
  4. You will be shown the ideal colours to wear for certain situations ie formal, dating etc.
  5. Advice on hair colour, make-up, jewellery and accessories.
  6. A mini/full collection of fabrics will be put across you using jewellery and scarves (for women) to give you ideas on how to put colours together.

Mini colour consultation – 45 mins   Cost £65

This consultation will provide a wallet of 20 colours and a few collection of fabrics will be put across you to give you ideas on how to put colours together.


mini colour wallet

Full colour consultation –   1½ hours  Cost £140

This consultation will provide a wallet of 33 colours.  ALL the colours in your colour wallet will be put across you, showing you lots of colours that will look amazing on you.  Jewellery and scarves (for women) will be used, to give you ideas on how to put colours together.

ladies wallet

ladies wallet (full)


mens wallet (full)

Group colour consultations

Cost from £80pp
Have a look at my group/workshop packages for more info https://maggigreen.co.uk/workshopsparties/



A style consultation is a perfect complement to a colour analysis.
This is an intense session, covering all the theory needed to know what to look for when choosing garments.  A style workbook will be filled in individually to your needs, as well as a style wallet with information on garments relating to your selected body shape.

Please see the (workbook in the ladies/men styling title bar)

Prior to your consultation, some homework will be asked to understand your identity/branding. This is crucial – you need to understand who you are and what you love to know what shops to go into.

All clients have a Pinterest account to create mood boards, questionnaires will be filled in and pre photos will be sent to prepare before you attend your appointment.

This is what will be covered in the session:

  1. A style introduction assessing your needs and objectives.
  2. Understanding your personal branding relating to your Pinterest board. From that information you will then know what style preference you fall into.  Suggestion of shops to consider trying, will be discussed.
  3. Words on how you wish to be perceived and how others see you.
  4. A detailed analysis will be covered to assess what we need to do to make the best of your body and what to achieve to provide the best results.
  5. Your body proportions and body shape will be discussed – showing in a practical way how to make ourselves look taller and slimmer (if that is what you wish to achieve). Everyone has different personal needs.
  6. Understanding the best options for your clothes covering your cuts, fabrics, finishes and necklines. Looking at garments and fabrics to explain further.
  7. Determining your correct scale for your fabrics, patterns & accessories.
  8. Looking at the best options for accessories and necklines for around the face.
  9. Summarising the theory and writing an action list on beginning the new you.
  10. A body wallet will be given to match your chosen body shape, with the correct garments and lots of information to remind you when you go shopping.

ladies style wallet

Style consultation – 2 ½ hours   Cost £170

The above consultation will take place at my studio in EXETER.

“The style session was fantastic, Maggi manages to show you what bits you need to draw the eye away from and how to do this, whilst incorporating your own style and personality”.

By having one of the above consultations individually, it will give you the time to understand the information given and for you to practice the theory before moving onto the next style session ie. Wardrobe weed or shopping trip. 


Personal shopping – practical (5 hours actual shopping)
This is one of the most asked consultations people ask for.  The majority of men and women are totally lost and confused when shopping.  There is so much in the shops to choose from – where do we start??

Does this sound familiar?

  • I want to put an outfit together but I don’t know how to do it
  • I have no confidence, everything looks horrible on me
  • I seem to have loads of clothes but still not happy with how I look
  • I want to have a small capsule wardrobe that I can mix and match
  • I want to know how to shop for my age – I’ve lost my identity
  • I want to look elegant, chic and smart (ladies)
  • I would like to have a variety of outfits that I can wear with confidence and without stress (men)

Lucy_Wallace_Photography-Maggi_Green-Devon_Style_Consultant-087I hear this all the time.  People would like a quick fix and would like to know how to look good without having lots of clothes.  To know how to put it all together and look amazing!
This is a great thing to do, if you would like my help to find you amazing pieces for a capsule wardrobe.  You can start with a shopping trip, however, it would help if you were to have the theory of your colours and style first (but do not worry, this could be done at a later date if you wish).

The time will consist of:

  1. A pre meeting via email or phone call for your objectives for the day
  2. I will be choosing garments that work for your body shape, proportions, personality, scale and lifestyle
  3. I will introduce you to new labels that you have not tried
  4. I will choose garments that will look fab on you, but encourage you to come out of your comfort zone and try new styles
  5. Explain why a garment works for you and why it doesn’t
  6. Assist you, to put different looks and colours together and to teach you how to choose quality over quantity and finish an outfit
  7. To put a list together of items purchased and items needed (if required)
  8. To go home with amazing pieces to put in your wardrobe

A personal shopping trip is designed especially for you and to ultimately save you time. Whether you’re looking for a seasonal update, an occasion outfit or require a complete new wardrobe, I will ensure you achieve your objectives and go home happy with your new purchases.

5 hrs Exeter –  Cost  £230 
5 hrs Bristol –  Cost  £300

5 hrs Bath –      Cost £350

6 hrs London – Cost £500

NOTE: Personal shopping without previous (colour and style) consultations –  extra 20% will be added.  Exeter – £275  Bath – £420  Bristol – £360  London – £600

Note: A 20/30 minute working lunch is added onto the shopping trip (no charge)

“It was a real treat to have Maggi with me – we visited shops that I would never have considered in the past. We got some great bargains in the sales and a brighter, more stylish and flattering wardrobe”!

All the sessions available are for men and women
Gift vouchers are available