I am really excited to tell you about this new package I am offering.  The reason why I decided to design the ‘Quick Fix’, is because, people want the answers to knowing how to look good, but due to time pressures, they want it achieved in a short period of time.

This package provides the basics of theory and practical education, knowing how to make the best of yourself, that is personal to you.

If you want the answers NOW to the colours that look amazing on you, how to dress perfectly for your individual body shape and complete with garments that are right, then this package is for you!

What is covered in the session:

  1. A 15 minute introduction, finding out your needs.
  2. mini colour analysis – 45 mins.  This will give you the answers to your correct hair colour, clothes and accessories.  A mini wallet will be provided.
  3. mini style theory lesson– 45 mins.  To analyse your body shape, proportions, scale and to provide guidance on how to show off your assets, to make you look your very best.  A detailed sheet will be provided.
  4. To look at your clothes in your wardrobe– 2.5 hours.  To clear out the colours and styles that aren’t right for you, and to leave pieces, that work for your future capsule wardrobe.  A discussion will also take place on ensuring your personality and objectives come through.

If you feel that receiving the foundations to improve your Image is what you are looking for, then why not give this a go.

Total 4.25 hours

Cost £270

This is what my clients had to say:

“I loved the quick fix. The mini colour analysis was great and helped, but I found the shape analysis particularly useful. Even though I knew what shape I am, understanding the specifics of my build and then matching clothes to that was extremely helpful.

Overall it has made my own daily fashion experience a lot more enjoyable and with better outcomes! A great package!”

Elina, Head of Business Development

“I thought the quick fix was just right.  It was an eye opener seeing the difference with the right colours and the wrong ones.  It gave me a shake up realizing that my clothes needed to go for lots of different reasons.  I liked the choice of my clothing, but had no idea where I was going wrong; Maggi pointed me in the right direction.

Seeing a brand consultant was more than I expected.  I am going to treat my senior colleagues, and am looking forward to Maggi providing a fun day’s workshop for my team next year.”

Alex, Entrepreneur