personal image and impact

As a business consultant and executive coach predominantly working with UK Board Directors, my appearance is important to me, both in making a good first impression, but also being an integral part of my personal brand.

I was not particularly knowledgeable or aware of what clothes I might look best in.  I came across Maggi and although I felt quite conscious as a man going to meet to her, I’m very glad I did.

It was clear from the start, that Maggi has an eye for what looks good, in a way that I was completely blind to.  She took the time to get an understanding of the type of look that I might be aspiring towards, as well as insightfully questioning to ascertain what preferences I might have and what was important about my attire in relation to the work I did.

I was blown away by the amount of preparation she had done beforehand in terms of what types of ‘cuts’ would best work with my body shape, what fabrics and finishes I should consider in my suits, the types of shirting pattern and colours.

6 months later… people now comment about how much younger I look and how much sharper I’m dressed.  I have a new suit which is both a better fit and a colour that better suits me as well as shirts, new glasses and brogues.

What I really notice about Maggi is her expertise and keen eye to provide insight and clarity over what would best work for me and her ability to see things that I just wasn’t able to see. I’m also really impressed with her ability to go the extra mile in terms of the level of commitment and investigation she was willing to undertake on my behalf, as an example, she found several affordable bespoke suit makers.

I definitely recommend having a consultation with Maggi.

Baz Hartnell, Business consultant and Executive coach        Chard, Devon