Hair to cancer charity “Little Princess”

I was very privileged to be asked by my fab tailor Vanessa, to be part of her wonderful story. She decided to grow her glorious locks to then give the majority to Little Princess charity for children. When dealing with clients that have had cancer, they feel exposed and uncomfortable wearing a wig with synthetic hair and want to feel normal as possible.

  • Here are the major stages we took – a remarkable transformation to Vanessa, I believe for the better.


Stage 1 – here is Vanessa with her amazing thick, long hair.

I gave Vanessa a consultation, deciding what hair style would be best for her.

This included – analyising her face shape, facial features, personality and scale. All these little things are very important to ensure the end result is right for Vanessa.


Stage 2

Putting her hair into pony tails about to do the scary thing and cut it off. The hair had to be a certain length to use to make a wig.

We were both very nervous and very excited about to make a massive change.



Stage 3

We have done it!

Vanessa holding her pony tails…

Now for the huge restyle… short hair here we come!!




Stage 4 – 

The new Vanessa

Wow, she looks amazing. I so much prefer the new hair style than the long hair.

Vanessa is a true dramatic, her style is fantastic, that is so her. She is creative inside and truly shows off her talent on the outside too. The new hairstyle looks vintage, that matches her look.

Career upgrade – Vanessa also wanted to improve the way she was being perceived. When you reach the end of your 20’s, early 30’s you need to be aware of looking age appropriate and more professional. You tend to stay with your look from school/university and need to move on with what what is going on today. This is a common problem, due to confidence and know how.

Hair – by providing layers on top of her head, makes Vanessa look taller, which was a focus. The layers also give width to the sides of the head, improving her face shape.

We wanted to elongate her neck, which has worked bringing the length up away from the neck.

Her new hairstyle has movement and curves which match her contoured facial features, this is an area that not many people are aware of.

Finally, we put some cool, bright lipstick on to match her stunning colour characteristics.

We were both very happy with the results. A very brave thing for Vanessa to do – but an amazing story! I very much enjoyed being part of it.

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