My Executive package is for high end professionals, business owners, directors, consultants and managers.

The clients I work with here, are very successful and spend their time giving talks to hundreds of people, at signings, on TV, client meetings and being presented with awards. What they need is my secret tools with hair, make-up, beautiful garments and accessories, to take them to the next level and wow their audience and followers.

This is what will be covered in the session:

  • Pre telephone call – to find out your individual needs, goals and budget, to advise you what consultations would be best for you.
  • Preparation time – 4 hours pre-shopping research, bespoke session planning is included, as well as homework required from the client.
  • Theory session – 4 hours on Image and Impact. Discover your unique business/personal brand values and clarity on how you want to come across.
    1. Focus on the areas which are positive and where you need help.
    2. Complete a workbook, covering all the aspects of your personal image. This will take place at my studio in Exeter. In some cases, this can take place at a chosen venue.
  • Wardrobe weed – 5 hours clearing the garments that are the wrong colour and style. To reassess the theory when trying on the clothes.
  • Shopping trip – 5 hours to purchase those amazing key pieces needed for your tailored new wardrobe. This practical session is ideal for revisiting the theory and seeing the results.  A venue can be discussed on where this is to take place.
  • Preparation time – 1 hour to prepare a list of what is required for the future wardrobe.
  • Shopping trip no2 – 5 hours to purchase key pieces. This can be done on line or in shops
  • Styling experience (min 4 hours) with the garments purchased, we then work on putting together outfits for your occasions, to then have a clear idea of what goes with what, and gain confidence about how your wardrobe works together.
  • Future support will be available providing 4 x 30 minutes over a 2 month period via the following chosen methods – Email, phone or skype.
  • Additional consultations such as wardrobe weeds, shopping trips, online shopping and personal styling will be charged at an hourly rate depending on the consultation.


Exeter –  £1,640

Bristol –  £1,700

Bath –      £1,760

London – £1,900

Note: the above prices reflect where the client would like to go shopping.

Minimum client wardrobe spend – £1,000 

Please note: Any consultations away from studio in Exeter is charged at 45p per mile. Please contact me for a quote. 

The aim is for you to look and feel great, achieving immediate results.  However, this is a wonderful journey and can take time.  Extra sessions are suggested, as well as twice a year wardrobe updates to ensure your wardrobe is working well, you are on track and sticking to your unique personal brand.

Specialist sessions such as, red carpet styling/award ceremonies are price on request.  This can include hair, make-up and personal styling

If you would like to learn how to look good, feel confident and be more successful, then give me a call to discuss on 07834 454 493 or email