Don’t go by trend – your clothes need to fit you properly.. the FIT is crucial!

When choosing a garment, we tend to get excited when we see something that we love. The colour, the style… it is just what you are looking for.
However, what you need to think about is the FIT!
Susan is wearing a beautiful red blouse, she is going by some of her rules for her body and style preference, but is following the trend and not thinking about one of the most important things.. the FIT.

The blouse is way oversized, making her look larger than she actually is.







































Look at the green blouse, can you see the garment fits her so much better. She looks slimmer! 

Check out all the things in your wardrobe… the FIT is crucial. If your clothes do not fit you properly, you will feel uncomfortable , you won’t enjoy wearing them and sadly, you are not making the best of yourself.  You probably later on, will decide to buy another top because of this, so wasted your money!