“Maggi has opened our eyes in changing the way we think about our appearance and how we come across to our clients.  As the manager, going out to site visits has made a difference.  Not only am I more confident and professional, we have had lots of positive comments with our new uniform, and people are now aware, of who we are and what we do.  No more black!  Thank you.”
AG Signs & Print Ltd, Honiton Devon

Sadly, we can only count on one hand the amount of companies that give us that excellent customer service, efficiency, great product, and the staff all looking the part and happy.  Don’t you agree, they stand out from the rest and make you want to go back!

The thing is, they are companies that are always remembered, have that little extra something, and are very successful.  So, what is it that makes them so special, and what has this got to do with Image consultancy?

Well, it’s simple… they are consistent and stick to their brand values.  The one area they get right, is investing in their staff’s IMAGE.  Ensuring that all the staff members behave and project themselves well.  Looking the part is an essential element for any business.  You will retain customer loyalty and have the best staff.  So, a WIN WIN!

before photo AG Signs & Print Ltd

Let me help you achieve further success and confidence for yourself and/or your team through more effective impact and presence.  I can show you how to look more stylish, fashionable and professional resulting in a perfect first impression to every client and/or staff members.

There are 3 Corporate Packages, have a look to see what suits your business.  https://maggigreen.co.uk/corporate-2/

COST  from £350

To book a corporate consultation, or if would like to know more please give me a call on 07834 454 493 or by email to info@maggigreen.co.uk