How great would it be to have a striving, profitable, successful business with positive staff members who look sharp, well-groomed and ooze confidence!  Staff who are passionate and represent the business in the way you would like?

Having a corporate talk, workshop or training, is a great way to raise awareness, shake your team up, create an impact and facilitate change.  More confidence = better performance!  The results are excellent!

There are 3 Corporate Packages.  Although there is a standard framework, I offer bespoke trainings to suit each client’s needs that are personal and relevant to them.

1. TALKS – 1 HOUR     COST from £350


Example: I was asked to do a talk to the Year 9’s at Axe Vale School on how to look good at interviews for their PHSE day.  We talked about first impressions, non-verbal communication and how to be memorable.  I thoroughly enjoyed, being able to educate the young leaders of today. 

This talk is generally about raising people’s perception on the way that they look and how anyone, can go where they are now to more stylish, sophisticated and confident person.  Getting your team to re-valuate how important it is, that they look the part and emulate the brand will be a huge advantage to your business.

2. WORKSHOPS – 3 HOURS     COST from £700


Example: Sharpening your uniform.  I went into a traditional British heritage company and worked with them on sharpening the sales team’s uniforms.  What the owner of the business wanted, was for all of her sales team to look like they embodied the brand.  So, what we did was to move away from the black uniform, looked at getting them in traditional clothing, details and features that they were part of a heritage brand. 

Some of the common problems you see in a sales team, are when they are wearing a similar thing all the time, but are not sharp and polished and representing the brand.

3. TRAINING – FULL DAY COST from £1,300


AG Signs Ltd  Honiton

Example: I was asked to go into AG Signs to create a positive change within the staff.  I did a full day’s training on how the team wanted to come across to their potential clients, the qualities of the team, and top tips of professional image and its importance in business.

I offer trainings for individuals, who want to get to grips and understand their own style and brand and training days for organisations that are looking to rebrand their staff.

If you would like to book a corporate training for your team.  Please contact me to arrange a telephone call or site visit to discuss your needs.  

Mobile: 07834 454 493 or by email