complete makeover

I first contacted Maggi after recognising that my confidence needed a boost. My partner had died 18 months earlier, I was mid menopause and had never put much effort into my appearance as I was not particularly interested and always felt I was too busy.

I initially asked Maggi for a colour and style consultation – it went so well that I followed this up with a wardrobe weed and shopping trip.

I have no hesitation in recommending Maggi – she is a true professional, who really knows her subject and is incredibly good at her job. I am still amazed at how she can pick something up at a store and see it will both suit me and fit me, when I would never have looked at it. I was initially hesitant about the process, and also the cost, but Maggi made me feel at ease and I now recognise what excellent value she is, as I’m buying things that actually suit me and are such classics I will be able to use them for years – rather than buying lots of things that don’t suit me and I hardly wear.

I have not told most of my friends and family what I am doing but they have noticed a change! People have commented on how good certain colours look on me, how much better I’m looking nowadays and the best one was a friend who said she didn’t know what it was about me but I was looking great.  I have a new sense of self-confidence and for that I thank Maggi.

Client, Exeter Devon