Colour & Style consultation

A lot of men and women are unsure what to wear and how to look good.  There is so much in the shops, it is very confusing.  As we get older, our confidence seems to fade, which affects our decision making in life.  So what happens is, we tend to play safe and wear the basics in dull colours and carry on….

Still looking the same and sadly not looking a great version of ourselves due to confidence and know how.

The answer to this, is to have a COLOUR and STYLE CONSULTATION 

By having the theory given to you on your branding, correct colouring and a detailed assessment of your body – you WILL BE ABLE TO:

  • Feel confident when going into a shop that you are drawn to, hence matching your branding
  • Know what colours suit you
  • What cuts to go for with garments
  • The correct scale of fabric, patterns and accessories
  • The perfect finishes that relates to your correct body shape
  • What necklines, lapels, shapes and accessories to go for around your face

You will take away a mini or full colour wallet with your chosen colours:

mini colour wallet

ladies wallet

ladies colour wallet


mens colour wallet

A personalised style workbook covering all the information needed to make the best of yourself, covering all the information above, as well as ideas on where to shop, rules, requirements and you’re your ultimate focus.

Please see the (workbook in the ladies/men styling title bar)

Also, a style wallet including all the correct garments needed for your chosen body shape.

ladies body wallet


This is intense session with lots of information, but great fun and an eye opener!!



Colour and Style consultation – 4 hours   Cost £310

This session will take place at my studio in Exeter.

All the sessions available are for men and women
Gift vouchers are available

“Working with Maggi has been a wonderful experience.  I can’t praise Maggi highly enough for reading what I needed and making the journey forwards a great deal of fun and personal fulfillment. It’s been very enjoyable”.