Do we change colouring as we get older?

This is one of the main questions I get asked all the time ….

I had my colours done years ago, do you change colouring as you get older?

The answer is NO!

You physically cannot change your skin colouring.  What does happen, is your skin gets paler, so just be mindful of some of the colours in your pallet, as they might be too strong for you, especially if you are a summer.

too warm hair colour – wrong

cool brown tones – right









I see this example, all the time.  Because our skin tone changes to a paler, washed out colour.  We naturally think, we have to warm ourselves up by putting warm tones into our hair.  BIG MISTAKE!

If you have a COOL skin tone (Summer and Winter seasons) you must keep your hair and make-up cool tones.

If you put in warm/golden/coppery tones into your hair (pic 1) when you are cool, you will look sallow and ill.  Your clothes will not connect with your hair.  This means you will find it difficult to put an outfit together.  Another tip to watch out for, I shouldn’t be seeing your eyebrows, they should blend into your hair colour.

hair too warm and golden – wrong

hair cool ash tones – right









This is another example of a blonde Summer, looking too warm for her cool colouring (pic 1).  Again, I see this a lot with my clients.  Ladies will warm themselves up by putting golden tones into their hair, bronzer on their cheeks and coral colour lipstick to make them look healthy.

This does not work if you are a cool colouring.  You will look false, grubby and not fresh.

Looking at Cameron Diaz in her right hand picture.  She has soft pinks on her lips and cheeks, matching her skin tone, as well as the correct ash hair colour, looking fresh and healthy.

lovely warm toned hair and skin


If you are lucky enough to have beautiful, natural warm tones of red/brunette in your hair like Julia Roberts, the answer is to keep it warm.

Sadly, the older you get, the warm tones in your hair disappear, making you look washed out.  The best thing you can do, is put the warmth back in.

By doing this, the warmth on your skin and your eyes will come back, making you look healthy and glow with radiance!