Meeting Maggi I can safely say was real life changer for me…

I love her professionalism and attention to detail, and how she first of all, gets to understand your personality before anything else.

I didn’t realise what a difference it would make seeing an Image Consultant in my personal and professional life.

My confidence has improved, I feel stronger, walk taller and feel fantastic.  The compliments I am receiving are unbelievable…. “you look brilliant, glowing and fabulous”.

Even my family have noticed a difference saying that seeing Maggi was the best thing I could have done for myself.

After such a painful and very emotional time in my life, I never realised I could ever feel human again.  Most importantly, feel like a woman again.  I am still in the beginnings of my new life, but for the first time am very excited to see what brings.

I can’t thank Maggi enough for giving me new lease of life.

Dana Deer
CEO Penrith Care – Cornwall

style consultation

“Thank you for your consultation with me.  You were so sensitive and encouraging.  I think you have a real gift for the work you do, helping each of us re-kindle confidence and enthusiasm in what can be a vulnerable area of our lives, often kept very private.

Thank you for helping to re-awaken a more playful and engaged connection with my appearance !”

Anonymous client

corporate team building workshop

Devon Air Ambulance“We wanted Maggi to come and host a get-together involving myself and some of my colleagues.  We’re interested in our Image, therefore a ‘colour taster’ seemed perfect!  We had a really enjoyable evening; the workshop was informative, interactive, engaging and – above all – fun.

It taught us lots about ourselves and each other, and was great as a teambuilding event!  We had such a blast we’d like to invite Maggi back to host another session.”

Melanie Stevens 

HR Advisor – Devon Air Ambulance Exeter

executive package

Before I met Maggi I tried a few personal shoppers, but never felt satisfied with the results.   Working with an Image Consultant is a complete different ball game.

Going through an intense training of understanding who I am, where I was going wrong and what I needed to do to improve my Image was what I needed to become more successful and confident in my personal and work life.

It was fascinating and exciting (although painful at times to weed out clothes that I had become attached), to go through the theory/practical process with Maggi.  For the first time, I understood how to pick out clothes that suited me and the theory and logic behind it.

I spent a couple of days with Maggi shopping in Bristol and London to get the basics, then a day to work out how the outfits go together.

I now have huge confidence in what I wear and have outfits that I never would have thought of before I started this process.  I receive compliments from all kinds of people and many more looks then I used to. This has been a key part of my personal journey that I’ve been going through these past few months and has had a huge impact on myself and all those I meet!

I’m delighted with the results when I started out I never imagined how much better I would look and feel afterwards.

Maggi is dedicated, works tirelessly, not wasting a second and well worth the investment.

Steve   Manager  Bristol

Quick fix

I wanted to see an Image Consultant, to get an objective opinion on colours and cuts that would suit my body.  Even though I knew I was an hourglass, I still had noticed that some styles recommended for hourglass didn’t really work for me – it was good to understand why. I also wanted to know how to carry through my personal style expression into more restrictive environments such as work.

Maggi explained and clearly illustrated to a point of no doubt why some colours will work wonders for me and some shapes should be avoided.  She also very intuitively managed to understand the style tendencies of my personality which is the hardest thing to crack. It’s no good suggesting Marilyn Monroe type dress just because I’m an hourglass if my personality is completely different to that. Maggi had her ways through examples and questions to help me understand myself better. She was also very tactful regarding some of my old favourites that didn’t make the fashion cut by simply explaining what alternative would be better. And guess what it worked. She was right.

The ‘Quick Fix’ is a fantastic workshop to help you be more effective with your clothes shopping and only purchase things you really need, love and look good in. And secondly, it’s a great treat and a confidence boost. Enjoy!

I would very much recommend Maggi.

Elina Scorey    Head of Business Development   Sidmouth/London

complete makeover

I first contacted Maggi after recognising that my confidence needed a boost. My partner had died 18 months earlier, I was mid menopause and had never put much effort into my appearance as I was not particularly interested and always felt I was too busy.

I initially asked Maggi for a colour and style consultation – it went so well that I followed this up with a wardrobe weed and shopping trip.

I have no hesitation in recommending Maggi – she is a true professional, who really knows her subject and is incredibly good at her job. I am still amazed at how she can pick something up at a store and see it will both suit me and fit me, when I would never have looked at it. I was initially hesitant about the process, and also the cost, but Maggi made me feel at ease and I now recognise what excellent value she is, as I’m buying things that actually suit me and are such classics I will be able to use them for years – rather than buying lots of things that don’t suit me and I hardly wear.

I have not told most of my friends and family what I am doing but they have noticed a change! People have commented on how good certain colours look on me, how much better I’m looking nowadays and the best one was a friend who said she didn’t know what it was about me but I was looking great.  I have a new sense of self-confidence and for that I thank Maggi.

Client, Exeter Devon

executive branding

Maggi was a saviour. Having not gone clothes shopping for years (due to a combination of no time and not knowing where to start) we blitzed it for a whole day and came out with a completely new wardrobe!

It was great because I tried on and bought things I would not have looked at twice had I been by myself. Even though I was out of my comfort zone I had total confidence that the clothes were right if Maggi said so.

After an initial consultation with Maggi, I became aware that how I dressed (and it seems obvious saying this now) affects how others connect with our brand and also how I feel about myself.

Finding the right clothes was a magical blend of style, psychology, and science with Maggi having analysed my skin tone in the consultation and subsequently extracted as much as she could about me and my business. All of these factors seemed to be weighed up in an momentary analytical glance every time I tried something on. The speed with which she was able to find potential clothes was extraordinary and it meant we got every last drop out of our day together.

The whole experience hugely enjoyable.

Tom de pelet   Entrepreneur, Director of the Hornit   Exeter, Devon

birthday gift – colour and style

“I’ve never been interested in fashion, I never engaged in clothing and certainly not make-up. Previously whenever I dabbled I felt a thousand times worse about myself and rejected the idea that I could ever be stylish or beautiful. I didn’t like how I looked and faked confidence whenever I was in a social situation. So, for my 30th birthday – as a gift – I asked my Mum to come to a colour and style session with me.

I felt that my Mum had fallen into a routine of wearing the same clothes, usually work uniforms, and some bits of pieces from sales. I knew she used to enjoy going shopping but we didn’t really go anymore, I felt that my negativity may have caused that. I wanted her to feel confident, happy and special – because she truly is, and I love her very much.

So we went and spent the day with Maggi, who was welcoming, kind and honest. She wasn’t shy about telling us where we were going wrong and shaking us out of those old habits and mindsets. She explained perfectly about our colours and style, and gave us a lot of information to go away with.

8 months later – I’ve seen a transformation in myself and in my Mum, we are more confident in our choices, we are focused when we shop – looking out for our colours and rejecting the styles that don’t work for us, the time we spend in a shop has dramatically reduced.

My Mum looks stunning and carries her colour wallet everywhere, you can tell she really loves it! I look in my wardrobe and feel excited about which of my favourite items I’m going to wear today and what I’m saving to wear on the weekend. I’ve received so many compliments, not just about my outfits and jewellery, but also saying how healthy and well I look (the magic of colour).

I can honestly say that spending the day with my Mum and Maggi was the best birthday present I could have asked for.

Thank you Maggi for making such an impact on our lives.”

Erin Rickard   Marketing Officer and a freelance artist/curator      Swansea

colour analysis

Thank you for such a happy and informative meeting to find my colours.
I have really taken on board your suggestions and as a result have had more complements recently ..even though I have been quite ill, people have commented on how well I look and I know it is because I am wearing colours that are complementing my skin tone.

There is a sense of relief now, that when I go shopping what I buy will not be taken back as the colour swatch is my guide.  I cannot thank you enough.  It has changed my life and enabled me to get out of a rut.

Maggi, you have given me a breath of new life with your consultation and will be passing on your number .

Eve  Totnes  Devon

classic package – colour and style

It was clear Maggi had done alot of preparation before my personal style consultation and the whole experience felt very personal. I have always struggled to find clothes that fit due to my tall frame and wide shoulders.

I have also not known what colours to wear to flatter me and often have felt overwhelmed when shopping.

Straight after my style session, I have hit the ground running and not stopped! My session was brilliant, I have now learnt so much about me and my look, that I never knew before.  I feel much more confident in myself now that I am wearing the right clothes!

Already, had a mini shopping trip and found it so much easier with my style and colour ‘go to’s’ . I found a dress for Chelsea flower show using all my new knowledge and was confident that it all worked! Fantastic! Thank you.

Maggi is very personable and experienced, I would recommend her to anyone.

Tessa Herbert  Chartered Surveyor and mum    Crediton Devon