birthday gift – colour and style

“I’ve never been interested in fashion, I never engaged in clothing and certainly not make-up. Previously whenever I dabbled I felt a thousand times worse about myself and rejected the idea that I could ever be stylish or beautiful. I didn’t like how I looked and faked confidence whenever I was in a social situation. So, for my 30th birthday – as a gift – I asked my Mum to come to a colour and style session with me.

I felt that my Mum had fallen into a routine of wearing the same clothes, usually work uniforms, and some bits of pieces from sales. I knew she used to enjoy going shopping but we didn’t really go anymore, I felt that my negativity may have caused that. I wanted her to feel confident, happy and special – because she truly is, and I love her very much.

So we went and spent the day with Maggi, who was welcoming, kind and honest. She wasn’t shy about telling us where we were going wrong and shaking us out of those old habits and mindsets. She explained perfectly about our colours and style, and gave us a lot of information to go away with.

8 months later – I’ve seen a transformation in myself and in my Mum, we are more confident in our choices, we are focused when we shop – looking out for our colours and rejecting the styles that don’t work for us, the time we spend in a shop has dramatically reduced.

My Mum looks stunning and carries her colour wallet everywhere, you can tell she really loves it! I look in my wardrobe and feel excited about which of my favourite items I’m going to wear today and what I’m saving to wear on the weekend. I’ve received so many compliments, not just about my outfits and jewellery, but also saying how healthy and well I look (the magic of colour).

I can honestly say that spending the day with my Mum and Maggi was the best birthday present I could have asked for.

Thank you Maggi for making such an impact on our lives.”

Erin Rickard   Marketing Officer and a freelance artist/curator      Swansea

colour analysis

Thank you for such a happy and informative meeting to find my colours.
I have really taken on board your suggestions and as a result have had more complements recently ..even though I have been quite ill, people have commented on how well I look and I know it is because I am wearing colours that are complementing my skin tone.

There is a sense of relief now, that when I go shopping what I buy will not be taken back as the colour swatch is my guide.  I cannot thank you enough.  It has changed my life and enabled me to get out of a rut.

Maggi, you have given me a breath of new life with your consultation and will be passing on your number .

Eve  Totnes  Devon

classic package – colour and style

It was clear Maggi had done alot of preparation before my personal style consultation and the whole experience felt very personal. I have always struggled to find clothes that fit due to my tall frame and wide shoulders.

I have also not known what colours to wear to flatter me and often have felt overwhelmed when shopping.

Straight after my style session, I have hit the ground running and not stopped! My session was brilliant, I have now learnt so much about me and my look, that I never knew before.  I feel much more confident in myself now that I am wearing the right clothes!

Already, had a mini shopping trip and found it so much easier with my style and colour ‘go to’s’ . I found a dress for Chelsea flower show using all my new knowledge and was confident that it all worked! Fantastic! Thank you.

Maggi is very personable and experienced, I would recommend her to anyone.

Tessa Herbert  Chartered Surveyor and mum    Crediton Devon                  

personal branding – colour and style consultation

Time with Maggi, has provided me with such clarity that I can now head out to the shops with a clearer idea of what I am looking for, not just with my clothes but also hair and make-up.

Even this morning I have put a little of what I learnt with you yesterday into practice and I actually took a short time to look at myself in the mirror before heading out on the school run and off to work.

On reflection the consultation gave me an allowance to connect back to me and made me realise how I had not allowed myself to do this, perhaps out of fear of being seen as indulging in myself or from fear of standing out from the crowd or perhaps a little bit of both. My voice is getting stronger and now I need to let this inner strength shine out.

Natural Dramatic here I come!

Nicola Walter   Yoga and Mindfulness teacher   Taunton  Somerset


After pondering for some time about investing in a style consultation I finally took the plunge and I am so glad I did – I only wish I did it 20 years ago!

I had great fun with Maggi – everything she said made perfect sense.  Maggi backs up all her recommendations with reasons why so you can start to understand your personal rules regarding the clothes, fabrics and styles which suit your body shape, your personality and the image you want to present.

My colour analysis was a revelation – all those years I’ve avoided red because of an ill-conceived idea. Now I know that the right reds are actually great for me – I can’t wait to finally get that red dress!

I especially found it useful to receive comments on things like my eyebrows – the fact that they are a little dark for my colouring is just the sort of thing you’d like your best friend to tell you but often they don’t!  Maggi is that friend and will tell you – thank you Maggi for an enlightening day which was fabulous fun!

Client – Newton Abbot, Devon

executive – personal/corporate branding

I run a small creative business as a jewellery designer. I am very passionate about my product, but have been hiding behind selling online for several years.  In a tough economy, I was having to fight for sales and needed to change my game.

After working with Maggi for several years, she suggested having a brand personality session.  It was interesting thinking about my personality traits, and how I wish to come across.  I realised in a positive way that I have so much to offer.  Maggi expressed that I needed to be more visual.

I concentrated on a lot more trade shows.  This enabled people to see me, talk to me and totally relate to my passion.  I not only looked the part with Maggi’s help, but felt more confident.  As they say in business…’people buy from people they know, like and trust’.

Well, it has certainly worked; my sales last year were well up.  I now, not only believe I sell a good product, but look like I do too!  If you want to give your business a boost I couldn’t recommend Maggi highly enough.

Crista Bramley   Samphire Jewellery Devon

Executive package – corporate & personal branding


“Maggi was fantastic, she took the time and coached us both from our existing preconceived ideas of how we should dress in front of our clients, to recognise the importance of how it was affecting our business.

We wanted a relaxed and approachable look; we now have that, but in a professional way, thanks to Maggi’s expertise.”  Thank you







John Allen & Annie Shi-Sansom Team Financial Services Ltd Exeter


executive package – corporate and personal branding

I first met Maggi when my husband bought me an executive package, for my 40th birthday.  Needless to say, we hit it off straight away.  Because of my change in body shape, after the birth of my daughter, I had lost all confidence in my own judgement regarding what I should wear.

I needed a capsule wardrobe that would suit my age and clothes that could be versatile enough to be appropriate for work events, school run, shopping and going out in the evening.

Maggi took me on a new journey that was full of encouragement and positivity.  I now have all the rules needed to know how to dress and accentuate my best features.  My wardrobe is considerable reduced and full of colour; choosing an outfit isn’t a chore anymore.  I am also receiving comments and feel amazing.

Sarah before

The work events that I have had to attend previously, would have sent me running for the hills. With Maggi’s words ringing in my ears, I now feel more confident and ready to face the world.

Trust Maggi – she works wonders!”

Sarah Langmaid Contracts & Operations Manager – Technology Business  Slingshot 6  Ltd

Elite package

I used to despair when choosing clothes . . . Nothing really fitted me, so many were colours that were wrong for me and the styles were a bit of a mish mash.

Now, it is a pleasure to open the wardrobe and see beautiful clothes hanging on the rail. Now, I have colours that suit me, styles that make the very best of my figure and there are so many combinations from just a few well chosen clothes.

I have a confidence that I haven’t had in years.  All thanks to Maggi . .

Clare   Exeter Devon

personal shopping gift

I had a fab day!  For someone who dislikes shopping, I couldn’t believe how quickly the time flew and how at ease I felt in the time we had together.

I have definitely been thinking more about what I wear and trying to stick to the things you told me about that work best for my age/body shape etc and I definitely feel more confident in the way I look as a result of this, which also makes husband happy!

No more moth eaten tops for me!

Nikki Reid   Psychologist  Exeter