corporate workshop

Taunton Somerset Ladies

This is what a fun, informative workshop with 40 business women on the power of Image consultancy looks like.


An invigorating and active session, where we engage everyone on the power of first impressions, non-verbal communication and how to be more visual interesting, resulting in becoming more successful.

As you can see from the photos, we encourage participation and get everyone on their feet thinking about the subject.


The women were in great spirits and left with a greater awareness of how important it is to look the part.  This is what they had to say…

“Massive thanks go out to Maggi for yesterday’s presentation at our birthday meeting.

I have reflected alot on what you were telling us, particularly about how we want people to view us in that very important first encounter.

Amazing advice and guidance on our clothes, style and possible areas for development/ improvement”. Thank you x

“Thank you Maggi. It was really interesting and thought provoking”.



If you are interested in invigorating your team and sharpen up your corporate image: get in touch with