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Bespoke corporate teambuilding Image consulting workshop

Devon Air Ambulance

Devon Air Ambulance Exeter

I was asked to do a fun workshop on ‘Why Colour Matters’.  A hands on session, where all the ladies involved were shown how powerful colour is, how it affects us and the importance of wearing it.

The ladies were very surprised and really interested in how different we all are, how colour can improve the way we look, the way we feel, and how we are perceived.

They were all a joy to work with and am looking forward to the next team building Image workshop next year.

This is what they had to say…

“We had a really enjoyable time; the workshop was informative, interactive, engaging and – above all – fun.  It taught us lots about ourselves and each other, and was great as a teambuilding event!

We had such a blast we’d like to invite Maggi back to host another session.”

Melanie Stevens   HR Advisor

The perfect gift – an Image consultation – Christmas offers

Not long until CHRISTMAS DAY is here….. there is still time to find the perfect gift.  If you are wanting that WOW present, to give a loved one, or would like to treat yourself, then check out my offers to give you some great inspiration.

FULL COLOUR CONSULTATION – Make things easier by finding out what colours look amazing on you.  Everything will go together so much better when you know your wonderful pallet of colours.        1.5 hours – £130 (£10 off full price)

STYLE CONSULTATION – Haven’t you always wanted to know what to wear that suits your body shape, to feel confident and look amazing?  I can show you how.     2.5 hours – £170 (£10 off full price)

WARDROBE WEED – So many clothes…. where do I start.  Let me help weed out the wrong things and leave you with beautiful garments that fit and suit you well.       4 hours – £190 (£20 off full price)

SHOPPING TRIP – Let’s go shopping and find pieces that you need for that perfect capsule wardrobe that work together, fit you well and look fantastic on you.    5 hours – from £230 (£30 off full price)


CLASSIC – colour and style £300 (£25 off full price)

ELITE – all packages (£50 off full price)

EXECUTIVE – package (£100 off full price)

GIFT VOUCHERS – are available

Offers end Christmas Eve, Monday 24th December 2018.  This for men and women.


All prices are based in Exeter.  Outside area, travelling expenses will be added.

Appointments need to be booked into diary by Monday 31st December 2018.

I travel to help people in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Bath, Bristol and London.

style consultation

“Thank you for your consultation with me.  You were so sensitive and encouraging.  I think you have a real gift for the work you do, helping each of us re-kindle confidence and enthusiasm in what can be a vulnerable area of our lives, often kept very private.

Thank you for helping to re-awaken a more playful and engaged connection with my appearance !”

Anonymous client

corporate team building workshop

Devon Air Ambulance“We wanted Maggi to come and host a get-together involving myself and some of my colleagues.  We’re interested in our Image, therefore a ‘colour taster’ seemed perfect!  We had a really enjoyable evening; the workshop was informative, interactive, engaging and – above all – fun.

It taught us lots about ourselves and each other, and was great as a teambuilding event!  We had such a blast we’d like to invite Maggi back to host another session.”

Melanie Stevens 

HR Advisor – Devon Air Ambulance Exeter

executive package

Before I met Maggi I tried a few personal shoppers, but never felt satisfied with the results.   Working with an Image Consultant is a complete different ball game.

Going through an intense training of understanding who I am, where I was going wrong and what I needed to do to improve my Image was what I needed to become more successful and confident in my personal and work life.

It was fascinating and exciting (although painful at times to weed out clothes that I had become attached), to go through the theory/practical process with Maggi.  For the first time, I understood how to pick out clothes that suited me and the theory and logic behind it.

I spent a couple of days with Maggi shopping in Bristol and London to get the basics, then a day to work out how the outfits go together.

I now have huge confidence in what I wear and have outfits that I never would have thought of before I started this process.  I receive compliments from all kinds of people and many more looks then I used to. This has been a key part of my personal journey that I’ve been going through these past few months and has had a huge impact on myself and all those I meet!

I’m delighted with the results when I started out I never imagined how much better I would look and feel afterwards.

Maggi is dedicated, works tirelessly, not wasting a second and well worth the investment.

Steve   Manager  Bristol

Quick fix

I wanted to see an Image Consultant, to get an objective opinion on colours and cuts that would suit my body.  Even though I knew I was an hourglass, I still had noticed that some styles recommended for hourglass didn’t really work for me – it was good to understand why. I also wanted to know how to carry through my personal style expression into more restrictive environments such as work.

Maggi explained and clearly illustrated to a point of no doubt why some colours will work wonders for me and some shapes should be avoided.  She also very intuitively managed to understand the style tendencies of my personality which is the hardest thing to crack. It’s no good suggesting Marilyn Monroe type dress just because I’m an hourglass if my personality is completely different to that. Maggi had her ways through examples and questions to help me understand myself better. She was also very tactful regarding some of my old favourites that didn’t make the fashion cut by simply explaining what alternative would be better. And guess what it worked. She was right.

The ‘Quick Fix’ is a fantastic workshop to help you be more effective with your clothes shopping and only purchase things you really need, love and look good in. And secondly, it’s a great treat and a confidence boost. Enjoy!

I would very much recommend Maggi.

Elina Scorey    Head of Business Development   Sidmouth/London

Autumn offers

Burrrr It’s getting chilly.  Now is the time for you to be getting out all your winter clothing and organise an array of wonderful clothes to look fabulous for the winter season.

To help you achieve this tricky task, see my offers to help you:


FULL COLOUR CONSULTATION – Make things easier by finding out what colours look amazing on you.  Everything will go together so much better when you know your wonderful pallet of colours.

1.5 hours – £130 (£10 off full price)

WARDROBE WEED – So many clothes…. where do I start.  Let me help weed out the wrong things and leave you with beautiful garments that fit and suit you well.

4 hours – £190 (1 hour free – £40 off full price)

SHOPPING – Let’s go shopping and find pieces that you need for that perfect capsule wardrobe that work together, fit you well and look fantastic on you.

5 hours – from £230 (1 hour free)

Offers end Wednesday 31 October 2018.  This for men and women.

All prices are based in Exeter.  Outside area, please email for a quote.

Appointments have to be booked by November 30th 2018.

3 fab hidden men’s shops in Exeter

Sadly, more and more shops are closing in Exeter, making it harder and harder to shop.

I was asked to do a shopping trip with Tom to find much needed basic garments for his wardrobe. He was reluctant to shop in Exeter due to the choice, but after doing lots of research I found some interesting places that would work for him personally.

  1. Always in Colour – Queen Street

This is an independent men’s shop.  A contemporary space for clothing that is modern and fresh.  They have great quality brands with some fab hidden treasures.

I thought this was the right place for Tom still young at 40. Wanting to look current, as well as being creative, this shop works for his personality, I felt he needed a bit of bravery.



A quirky t-shirt that is not boring, the angles of the print work with his straight body shape and makes his chest larger.  The jersey jacket is practical, comfortable and trendy; a very easy jacket to wear on a day to day.  Finishing off with some Veja trainers that go so well with the outfit.


2. Finisterre – High Street



A shop that Tom has never been in to.

The reason I wanted to go here is due to the fantastic quality knitwear that would work for him.



Tom loved this grey jumper.  It has a modern relaxed fit, 80 per cent lambswool, a quirky ribbed funnel neck with buttons and a dropped shoulder.

After teaching him what colours work for him, the mid grey was perfect… he looks great.



I also found this gorgeous blue jumper for him.  It has wonderful texture, an unusual neckline and is made from 100% extra fine wool.  The fit is great and will be a great basic for his wardrobe.








3. Loake Shoemakers – Cathedral green

Kelvin, Manager of Loakes


I was very excited when I saw that this shop was opening in Exeter.

The one thing that is a must for a man is a pair of good quality shoes.

Every male client I have worked with, needs education on how important it is.

Why do I see so many tatty, old fashioned shoes in wardrobes!!

Here we see Tom in a gorgeous pair of Chelsea boots… a classic for guys, that is a must for winter wardrobes.  I chose a beautiful  colour brown, to work with the rest of his new purchases and a colour that is current for this season.  As Tom is 6ft 2, the boots need to be in keeping with his scale and his personality.  They were a win win all around.  

Tom was impressed with Loakes having his size 12; a problem for him normally.

You can clearly see, that this is not just a pair of shoes you would buy from a normal shop.  The work and love that has gone into the Chelsea boots and the other shoes are second to none.

Kelvin and his colleague Tom has a unique service, where they provide a full fitting service, excellent product knowledge and good old fashioned customer service.  You must go in and take a look.

Here is a photo of Tom in his other purchases for the day.


Biker jacket was from Diesel, T-shirt from All Saints, Jeans 511 from Levi’s.

We had a very successful day in Exeter…. it is amazing what you can find if you know where to look!!



Have a read of what Tom had to say in my testimonials page.


corporate workshop

Taunton Somerset Ladies

This is what a fun, informative workshop with 40 business women on the power of Image consultancy looks like.


An invigorating and active session, where we engage everyone on the power of first impressions, non-verbal communication and how to be more visual interesting, resulting in becoming more successful.

As you can see from the photos, we encourage participation and get everyone on their feet thinking about the subject.


The women were in great spirits and left with a greater awareness of how important it is to look the part.  This is what they had to say…

“Massive thanks go out to Maggi for yesterday’s presentation at our birthday meeting.

I have reflected alot on what you were telling us, particularly about how we want people to view us in that very important first encounter.

Amazing advice and guidance on our clothes, style and possible areas for development/ improvement”. Thank you x

“Thank you Maggi. It was really interesting and thought provoking”.



If you are interested in invigorating your team and sharpen up your corporate image: get in touch with 


Who says shopping in Exeter is limited?

It has been the busiest year with taking people shopping. Men and women wanting to have clothes in their wardrobes that they can wear with confidence, that fit them, enhance their bodies, show off their amazing colouring and their unique personality.

This is an area of expertise that I have mastered and enjoy very much.  Finding the perfect garment, shoe or accessory is like winning the lottery.  How one thing can change a person for the better is something that you cannot describe.

Without hesitation, I would normally take my clients to Bath, Bristol and London for more choice.  However, this is sometimes not practical for my client, so more recently have been shopping in Exeter and have been surprised at the things I have found.

My aim always, is to take clients shopping to places that they have not been in before.  It makes the day more interesting and encourages them to come out of their comfort zone.

Here are some places that I would like to share with you that I have been impressed with….

The idea of this particular shopping trip was to find some pieces for my client’s Autumn/Winter wardrobe.  Coats, knitwear and trousers and jewellery were priority.

Jigsaw – High street and John Lewis

A modern, contemporary brand that suits a lot of women’s classic/natural style with good quality, fabric and colours.

If you would like to modernise yourself, then this shop is definitely worth a try.

Here we picked up some mid grey jeans, that worked with her colouring and other pieces in her wardrobe.

A great fit, slight stretch and mid rise.

Finisterre – 57 High Street, Exeter

This is a shop that I have been walking by for ages.  You need to go in and have a look.  When you understand the brand and their values, you appreciate how excellent the clothing is.

A shop for men and women that caters well if you are an outdoor person wanting warm, practical clothing that will protect you against all weathers.

My client does a lot of hiking and needed a lightweight waterproof coat with a hood.  I was so impressed with the staff’s product knowledge.  They knew every detail about the garment, which is very rare, sadly in the retail industry.  The companies I trained with back in the 80’s, were insistent you knew everything about the product/brand before assisting clients; this to me is very important.

I kept asking questions, and the lady answered everyone with confidence.  They even have a wash and reproof service to maintain the coat at little cost.

I also like the fact that the director started the company in Cornwall and the head office is still based there.

As well as my client’s needs, I am also looking for the best colour to make her look young and fresh, ensuring the coat is the correct length, the cut and fit works for her body shape, and aware of her proportions and height…. Perfect!


Crystals – 14 Gandy Street


A hidden gem that I always look in.  This is a place where you need to have a good eye to pick out that amazing piece to finish off your look.  They have lots of unique stones in all different colours and shapes which is very interesting.

For my client, I was looking for an angular, medium sized stone, based in silver with a gemstone that was soft and muted to go with a lot of her outfits.  After asking, they brought out a box of hidden pieces; I found just what I was looking for.


A beautiful labradorite stone…. a unique statement piece.

As you can see from the photo, a wonderful one off that my client now wears all the time.  She wore no jewellery before, due to lack of knowledge and no how.

The most important thing when working with a client, is to find out who they are.  This takes a lot of practice, however, when you have it, it is gold!  Once you have this mastered, you can go anywhere and find something, that is them to a tee.

Orvis – Barbour Outlet Cathedral Close

Another shop that my clients have walked by.

So many people say to me…. but there is nothing out there that fits me.  Where do I go to find….

Well, you need to go in to these places and take a look!

On our list was a lightweight jacket that had to be stylish for day wear, modern, classic and simple.




Everything was perfect for my client, she looked great.  Even better, upstairs in the section of Barbour, it is an outlet, so was a good price.

An excellent quality classic that will never date.







I also saw a gilet in her size and colour.  This is a great piece to wear now for the in between weather that keeps your body warm, but not too hot.

Something that she would not consider, but after trying, absolutely loved it.



Whilst my client was purchasing her coats, looking with my beady eye, what did I find…. 1 pair of blue moleskin trousers in her size in the sale!!

The fit is fantastic.  My client’s original jeans were old fashioned and not a great fit.  She has a great figure, and needs to show it off.  So many people wear jeans and a jumper.  They desperately want to get away from this, but they don’t know how.

Moleskin trousers are beautiful, classic, different and warm, which works well in the chilly days.  I liked them so much, after doing an online shopping for the missing pieces, I found the same trouser on line in another soft colour that will go with the ideal capsule wardrobe.

Edinburgh Woolen Mill – Cathedral Close

Yes, this shop sadly is still dated, but has good priced cashmere jumpers with unusual different colours and necklines.  Marks & Spencer is not only the place for cashmere.

I was looking for a beautiful v-neck cashmere jumper with a fresh colour to liven up her winter wardrobe.  Again, I found it!

This blue is fantastic against her skin tone and her gorgeous blue eyes.  It also matches well with the barbour coats above and other items in her wardrobe.  I love it!

While I was there, I found a wonderful cashmere scarf with a modern check with colours that worked with the coats and the jumper.  Not only is the check on trend this season, but also complements her angular facial features; what a find.








John Lewis –




It is brilliant now that we have a modern department store in Exeter.  Sometimes, I just shop here with my clients, find what I am looking for and do not have the need to go elsewhere.

Yes, I agree with the majority, I so wish there was more stock in each concession, but it is worth shopping here.

We were wanting a trench coat.  This can be worn in the day for a more stylish look, but also can be worn to see clients for a more corporate feel to meet my client’s needs.

There are so many styles of trench coats, which can be tricky.  As my client was very classic, she wanted a coat that was very plain, hardly any detail, but also was not too bulky with lots going on.

With the above information, Hobbs, ticked the boxes.  Usually, I would not choose this colour for clients, as it does tend to wash out skin tones.

However, the more we looked at the colour; it was right. It had a minky, pink tone to it, which worked so well with her cool brown hair and the french blue tones and grey with clothing.

My client has a straight body shape and is 5ft 5inches tall.  The coat is the correct length, the fabric is right for her body shape and purchasing a classic white shirt finishes off the classy look.


Well, I hope this information has opened your eyes when shopping in Exeter.  We had such an amazing day and found some great items for the much needed capsule wardrobe. They all work together, and will last my client a long time and will not date.

If you want to hear what my client has said with working with me, take a look.