why your appearance matters when attending an interview

How long do we have to make a first impression?

It is a very competitive world out there when looking for work. You have to be better than everyone else and have the X factor to succeed. It is not only your qualifications and your intelligence that employers are looking for; they will be looking at your Image.

Have you ever thought about…

  1. How do I brand myself to look fantastic?
  2. What are employers looking for?
  3. How do I take control of my Image?
  4. Am I coming across as confident and trustworthy?
  5. What am I saying without speaking?

Are you one of the many people that are fed up with not being able to get work or not being selected for a promotion?

Maybe, you have Just come out of A levels/College/University and need to apply for jobs.  Have you thought about your look and what to wear?  How can I stand out over the other applicants?













This is what Paul had to say…

“When attending interviews I had no idea what I was wearing was an issue.  Maggi was brilliant – she explained where I was going wrong and why. Armed with a few golden rules and a desperately needed shopping trip, I felt and looked more confident. It seemed to do the trick, I now have a a great job and have been head hunted by others!”

Paul Gorsuch, Operations Manager           Weymouth

Paul had – Individual Men’s Colour and Style session, wardrobe and shopping day