Most of my career have been managing various retail companies including lifestyle, hair and beauty.  Being visual within my field and looking the part was very important.

However, like so many people, I remember feeling frustrated when shopping.  Desperately wanting to know how to find my true style, and how to get it right.  However, inside I was screaming due to lack of confidence and know how.

Maggi Green

Ten years ago, I started my Image consultancy business to help men and women find their true self, look and feel amazing, and ooze success.  The results have been remarkable and life changing.  However, I realised over time that the clothes are secondary; being comfortable and ourselves is the most important thing.


The reason why the majority of people wear dark, baggy clothes and not moving on is due to challenges within their lives.  This sadly, affects their confidence and overall Image.  After being bullied myself and gone through years of abuse, I found a natural affinity with my clients and wanted to help.


I have a colour specialists degree in hair, and have on going training on Image Consultancy, including colour, style and corporate with experts in London and Dubai.  I have worked with celebrities, including AJ Courtenay, Countess of Devon at Powderham Castle and top executives around the UK.

My aim is to empower men and women to become the greatest version of themselves. To enhance and embrace their physical appearance, in return having a positive effect on building confidence and well-being.

Whatever your story is let me turn it around for you and take you on a journey to find yourself again and show the world how fantastic you are!