I met Maggi at an event and was impressed with some of case studies so decided to make an appointment. I was excited, but maybe a little apprehensive in advance of my visit to her, but I shouldn’t have worried.
Maggi is a lovely lady who makes you feel at ease straight away. I had a wonderful session with her, found it very enlightening and really enjoyed it.
I have had a sort out of my wardrobe and look at the contents with new eyes now and have got rid of some clothes that really don’t suit me.
Since my visit I now have the confidence when shopping I now say ‘no’ to items I know won’t suit me and have bought a lovely dress that is a size smaller than I would have bought before, so it fits snugly and it looks fab!
Thank you so much Maggi for your support and guidance – you’re amazing!
Jacqueline Shields    Marketing Manager   North Tawton