I chose to see Maggi, as I needed to completely shake up my wardrobe and smarten my image.  I previously had no idea about what clothes to buy.  I just bought things that were practical and fitted ok.

Maggi took me through a very detailed process of focusing on who I am, what are the qualities and attributes that I wish to convey, how I can use clothes and accessories to make me look the most attractive and to bring my individual characteristics out. I didn’t realise how many aspects there are to consider: style preference, body lines, body shape, cuts, fabrics and finishes, patterns, designs and of course, which colours are right for me.

The time you spend with Maggi was very thorough and tailor-made to suit my individual characteristics, my aims and my personality.  There’s nothing left out and Maggi works with an astute, profession eye for detail and personality.

I think that everyone should have a consultation with Maggi, sooner rather than later, and find out their style, the right clothes to buy and where to buy them. This is a great investment for anyone and will prove be an asset that you will benefit from every day for the rest of your life – and save money in the long run!

Thank you Maggi

John Zealley   Exeter